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No Shower? No Problem?

Published March 24th, 2016 by Bernardo

After years of going to work sandy and salty after a morning surf session, young inventor Chris Crawford saw the need for a portable, pressurized water kit.

Combat Global Warming with an Eskimo Cup.

Published March 19th, 2016 by Bernardo

Before the first millennium, ice was harvested in ancient China for the purpose of keeping drinks cold. The Greeks and Romans built large, insulated storage pits and filled them with the last of the winter’s snow in an attempt to enjoy a refreshingly cool drink for as long as possible. If you lived in a warmer climate you could act like an Egyptian and carry your drink containers to the roof at the end of the day to have them cooled by the night air. By the 1600’s Frenchmen were cooling their drinks by rotating long-necked bottles in a solution of saltpeter and water which could actually produce very low temperatures and even make ice!

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