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The world's best hydroflight gear

Nothing beats flying over the surface of the water with full three-dimensional freedom of movement. Stratospheric Industries, aka X-Jets, "The company that re-evolved the jetpack", has developed, from the ground up, the hydro engineering systems that give unparalleled performance, safety minded design and performance. Nautical Ventures is the official dealer for Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale. Come into our store today and see it for yourself.

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Tension X Sleeve

Takes the load pressure and reduces the hose waves that can impact the jet ski. The Tension X Sleeve give the most secure linkage between the power channel hose and the jet ski bow.


Super Clamps 316

Super durable "Super Clamps" dual bolt, 316 stainless steel band clamps, dual bolt. Tight connections, no blow-offs, twice the pressure distribution. Heavy gauge metal in the critical location.


Adapter, Focused Power

CNC cut flanges on gravity cast aluminum marine grade alloy. One adapter per brand of jet ski keeps mounting tight and clear.


Speed Clamp Technical Advert

When we came to play, we brought serious metal. These clamps are designed by us for real world hydro jet usage. Big fat strong pins lock things together and open with ease. All marine grade 316 stainless steel.


X Power System

Hydro LeMans Power Channel and PWC Adapter. Marine grade aluminum, hard anodized finishes, 316 stainless steel, double bolt super clamps, dual coat PU hose, 20 meter length, cnc cut alloy connections. High precision.



Jet Blade | X-Jet pack NX | X-Hydro Channel | Dual 180 Shotgun U | Steering Nozzle

Hydro jetboards needed a serious kick in the ass to match the abilities of the pro riders, the Jetblade is the boot doing the kicking. Very little beats the thrill of hydro flight. Standing and balancing on a board in mid-air ranks near the top of adventure dreams. We got into this because of the amazing feeling of being able steer yourself through the through the air with the “cushion” of the water to offset the inevitable return to earth impacts! Never before in the history of mankind has practicing to fly and push the limits been so accessible and safe. (Safe is a relative term! Read our precautions page for ways to keep your hydro flight experience safe.) Stratospheric cares about quality and it shows in everything we do. Laser etched serial numbers, clearly marked stance widths, easy to maintain with 100% marine grade (salt water) materials.

Durable Marine Construction. Starting from the back of the jet ski and working forward, here is what makes an X-Jets system solid.

Compatibility with all wakeboard boots and bindings. There are some awesome boots out there, why limit youself to a crappy low end choice? We build a modular system that allows you to choose the right binding for you from a local dealer. Choice is good.

Sport design for pure action and enjoyment of flight. Not plumbing. Not thrown together. Not take it or leave it.


Dual Row Bearings

Dual row sealed bearings under each foot, Stratospheric brought this construction to the hydro world back in 2012, this is the way to harness the power and keep it smoothly under control. Clean power, durable. Easy to maintain with no peanut butter needed. :)

Adjustable Stance Width

Adjustable stance width. We know that people come in different sizes, we build for all, not just the smallest common denominator, stance widths from 38 to 42 centimeters. Rails allow limitless positioning. Ergonomic and more like the other boards you ride. Don't get stuck stinkbug or hardbooter.

Stubby Nunchuks

Quad grab bars, aka stubby nunchuks, modified hydrophilic Nylon. Free your feet and open the doors to new directions in movement. Indy Jets. Takes out the "board" and the boredom at the same time. Grab 'n go.


TriDro Nozzles

TriDro Tube nozzle design, straight down for power, induced flow five degree kick for stability. Pure directed power with intelligence in design. More tech in the interior flow than all other jetboards combined. Look at the flow. Clean, powerful, no shudder breaks.

Rotomolded Floats

Durable High Density rotationally molded, marine foam filled floats. Floatation with style and low drag in the water. Visual harmony, safety backup.


Hydro Shaped Y

Hydro Shaped Y tube from the HydroShaper. Computer designed and engineered, but the proof is in the putting, look at the clean powerful flow of the jets. Compact power with focused triangulated jets to stabilize and balance.

Super Clamps 316

Super durable "Super Clamps" dual bolt, 316 stainless steel band clamps, dual bolt. Tight connections, no blow-offs, twice the pressure distribution. Heavy gauge metal in the critical location.

Torsion Bars

Jetblade nylon torsion bars allow linkage of the foot platforms. For the old schooler's getting used to the new reality. Torsion allows very limited twist with return to center.


Real jetpacks built right the first time. Have confidence flying gear that was built by people care about hydro flight.

Rollbar Catcher’s Mitt

Catcher’s Mitt

A flexible way to keep your head from going backwards too hard, the X-Jets Catcher's Mitt. We truely don't believe that a hard fiberglass shell is the softest place for your head to rest when you faceplant. P.S. Lessons from qualified trainers will greatly increase your airtime.


Strap Pockets

New for the NX, injection molded strap ends and convenient strap end pockets to keep you Facebook hero shots looking clean.

Composite Saddle

Keeping your legs from swaying side to side is the number one key to stability and comfort. We developed the biggest advancement in jetpack comfort in decades. Our composite saddle provides control and stability without even thinking about it.

316 Stainless Steel Hardware

316 (aka W5) Stainless steel is the grade designed for salt water ocean use. Wec use it everywhere there is hardware and a tight strong, rust resistant connection is needed.


Plunger Pin Speed Clamps

Pull the pin and open the jaws. Custom made by Stratospheric, our "big pin" Plunger Pin Speed Clamps hold it all together.

Safety Release, Custom

316 Stainless Steel, Custom designed and built by Stratospheric. Holds you in and yet releases with one swift pull.

Front Flotation

Front flotation helps guide you face up in the water.


Double Trussed Seat

Injection Molded Strap Locks

Injection Molded Strap Locks

Ball Free Straps

We are not rocket scientists, but no one had to hit us with the genius stick to realize that a single strap running through your crotch was the last thing we needed. The Strato time tested "ball free straps" run two straps inside your legs and leave the delicate parts of your anatomy unmolested.


X chooses to defy hydrosport conventions in every way that we can. In our quest to build a better hydro power redirection systems, we refuse to accept any pre-existing market attempts as an “industry standard”, pushing to come up with new and superior solutions. The search for more efficient power handling has led us to the new awesome Dual 180 for the summer of 2016. Power, efficiency, and control, are the characteristics of the new Dual 180 hydro channel system from X-Jets. Also nicknamed the “Shotgun U” due to its double barreled construction, this unique configuration handles 300+ horsepower and thousands of liters of water moving at 70+ miles and hour. Certainly not a lightweight task and the X Hydro Channel is a heavyweight solution that sets the new standard on power redirection.

So many of the hydro products on the market look like unfinished plumbing projects, (or direct copies of unfinished plumbing projects) not X. We care as much about how we build it as how we make it work better. Beautiful 3D surface construction gave us the results in our hydro testing and give the Dual 180 the beauty it rocks on the outside. We are specialized in in-house 3D modelling and use surface modelling software to achieve the hydrodynamic surfaces that set us apart and ahead of our competition. Check our competitors websites, most never show a photo of their “U” hydro redirection system, it is the seemingly forgotten utilitarian element that gets little attention or detail. X makes sure that all aspects of your hydroflight system look as good as they perform, all the while building systems that last longer than anything else on the market. Its the attention to detail that we strive for in everything we do.

Dual 180’s are high temperature powder coated, gravity cast, marine alloy aluminum. Powder coating is inside and out so that the inside walls have the least amount possible of power loss due to wall friction. Our mounting flanges are a level of detail to themselves. Full stainless 316 on the water entry side where the Dual 180 attaches to the X-Venturi.

We engineer our U “re-direct” with careful attention to hydro dynamics and smooth powerful water transfer. This unique “U” divides the water flow into two vertically shaped channels and rips the water around the corner in two “ribbons”, limiting spiraling and then recombining the two streams into one powerful mass of water moving through the 20 meters hose. This is the power that took Ben Merrell to first place at the recent Hydro Fest, and powered Mike Helton and Hunter Verlander in Japan. The first time Ben rode the Dual 180, he got out of the water and said, “There is so much power, I’m shaking with adrenaline!”.


How did X build the next generation of hydro power handling systems that adapt and channel the power of the jet ski to the hydrojet device? Water is a slippery beast, asking it to turn a 180 degree corner and maintain power and integrity is something hydro engineers grapple with. Far from being a homogeneous mass traveling through a hallway or tube, water twists around on itself and spirals in 3D. Changing the outside shape of the channel is one thing, however the core of the water still twists and spirals as it powers through the turn. One established methods of controlling fluid power robbing turbulence is to insert vanes or flow directors into the stream. From wind tunnels to jet ski pumps. We began with building 3D models and testing them in special water flow analysis software. One of X’s strengths is modelling smooth surfaces and transitions we built models, we tested and we rebuilt. Exploring different options and different methods of channeling the water. After almost 30 generations of testing, we had the results we were looking for, now time for real world testing. We used computer controlled milling machines, aka CNC, to cut large aluminum blocks into the exact shapes of the computer files. Two halves welded together and the billet cut CNC flanges attached. Testing took place in China, Japan Florida, Texas and ultimately Nevada where Ben Merrell took his Dual 180 powered Yamaha to the first place on top of the podium at the recent Hydro Fest event sponsored by Jetpack America. X pulled the trigger and started full production. Production units are arriving the third week of June and begin shipping to customers.

How it works: The thrust of the JetSki/PWC is redirected 180 degrees from the rear facing impeller pump towards the front of the JetSki, from there the Jetpack, or the Jetblade, directs the thrust by rider steering. This means that all of the available power from the PWC pump is available to the rider with none of the weight. This “tether” is the essence of what makes a hydro sport device fly, and pulls the jet ski along for the ride. There have been various attempts from other companies at guiding this force, Stratospheric knew we had to do better. The goals: more smooth water flow, less cavitation, more resilience, better mounting, stronger materials, no small parts to break or get lost, simple breakdown at the end of the day. These three component sets pictured above form the X-Hydro Channel, Venturi, 180 redirect, and LeMans hose with CNC couplings. A venturi adapter, one per brand of jet ski, Yamaha, SeaDoo and Kawasaki make installation direct and shim-free. Four bolts and ready to go. One brand choice of venturi is always included and not an additional hidden expense. We wanted to compliment the power of the PWC pump, not break it, so we introduced the first flexible re-direct in the business, we now have been flattered by several of our competitors adopting the same solution. Less broken jet ski pump housings are a good thing for the whole industry.

Our hose is the best in the business, the “LeMans” named after the famed 24 hour race in France, we wanted an enduring hose with smooth power transfer. Dual laminated polyester sandwich, PU thermoplastic, high pressure bonded to our exacting standards. Tested by the manufacturer and by us in house for adhesion and tensile strength. This is not a lightweight hose that was not prepared to meet the real world demands of the sport. This is hose that was built as tough as possible from the get go.

Do we need to mention that all of the materials are marine grade and can stand up to salt water? Naturally, that is the way we roll, we build it right because we know it is going to get used hard, everything heavy duty from clamps to hose to dual layer reinforced silicon rubber. Add in the X standards of hard anodized aluminum, 316 stainless steel, ultra tough but flexible webbing expansion wraps, you have a power system that turns 300 horsepower around and put it under your flying control.


Dual 180 from X-Jets, the most technically advanced, beautifully finished, carefully engineered 180 U redirect in all of hydrosport. X backs up the superior engineering with careful attention to fit and finish. X anticipates high stress areas and goes and extra step to insure longevity and quality. The CNC lathe finished 316 stainless steel inolet port on the Dual 180. Higer stresses are on the mounting side and non-linear torques. We decided to up the ante and make it stainless. All this computer flow shaped goodness wrapped inside high temp powder coating inside and out with hard wearing thick epoxy graphics.

The proof is in the putting. Hydro-Fest top podium winner Ben Merrell. This is the power that hydro has been waiting for.


If you are going to do something, do it right, respect your users, make an effort. The X 316 Steering nozzle connects in under a minute to give you back the control of your jet ski when moving between hydroflight locations. We saw what our competitors hacked together, and a put a 700 dollar price tag on it, sad effort. We custom built a great design, built it from the best materials, total 316 Stainless steel marine grade, Delrin bushing pivots because that’s the way you build something right. We charge a reasonable $495. Trust X to want do it right. Easy on, easy off. Built to last, built to perform.


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