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5 Tips on Purchasing an Outboard Motor

Published September 24th, 2018 by Bernardo

The difference between outboard and inboard motors is where they’re contained on the boat. Inboard motors are inside the hull and are common on large ships. Outboard engines go directly on the back of the boat to offer propulsion and are the most common solution for small watercraft. Over the course of our long experience with new and used boat sales, service, parts, and rentals, we’ve identified five key tips for anyone who’s searching for a new boat engine.


1 - Think About Power


Your needs in this category will vary depending on the size of your vessel and how you want to use it. You’ll need some serious horsepower if you want to tow big inner tubes or participate in water sports. If you have a small fishing vessel, however, a modest outboard will be enough.


2 - Know Your Budget


Your budget will affect which kinds of motor options you can afford and whether you should buy new or used. Buying new is great as new motors come with a good, factory warranty and financing options are available. Buying used is a cost-saving option, especially for people who are on a tight budget and handy with engine maintenance.


3 - Consider Fuel Efficiency


Fuel efficiency is important for a couple of key reasons. For one, it’s better for the environment when you choose an efficient engine. You use less fuel and reduce your carbon footprint. Your boat’s total range is the size of your fuel tank in gallons multiplied by the mileage per gallon, so a more efficient engine allows you to go farther between fill-ups.


4 - Find a Durable Option


Buying a new outboard can be exciting, but that doesn’t mean you’ll want to repeat the process every few years. Do your research and find an outboard that will last for a long time. Buy from a trustworthy vendor and get a motor that’s renowned for its durability.


5 - Choose a Brand


Some outboard brands have established themselves as leaders in the outboard engine industry. Research the different outboard engine manufacturers to decide which one makes the best products for you. You can’t go wrong with any of the following options:

  • Mercury outboards
  • Yamaha outboards
  • Evinrude outboards
  • Tohatsu outboards
  • Torqeedo outboards

Tohatsu Outboard Engines Line up

Torqueedo Electric Outboard Boat Engine- The Torqeedo Travel 1003 is super lightweight.

Outboard Motors for Sale


Nautical Ventures has a wide selection of new and used outboard motors for sale. Our staff is knowledgeable about outboard engines and is ready to help you find the right one for your needs. We have convenient locations in Dania Beach, Riviera Beach, and Palm Beach. Come see us in person to find the right outboard for your boat!


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