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8 Ideas for the Ultimate Guys Weekend in Broward County

Published June 26th, 2018 by Bernardo

A guy’s weekend is toward the top of the list of fun things to do in Broward County. Get together with your friends for a weekend away from the ordinary to rediscover some of the things that make life enjoyable. Broward county’s great weather and wide variety of available activities makes it a great weekend destination no matter how near or far away you live. Here are eight of the best activities to look into for your guys weekend in Broward County.

1 - Party on Fort Lauderdale Beach

Follow Las Olas Boulevard to Fort Lauderdale Beach, and you’ll find all the fun and excitement you and your pals can handle. The original Elbo Room is here, and there are plenty of other bars within walking distance as well. This beach is an epic spring break destination for thousands of college kids from all over the country, and it’s easy to see why. The beach is bustling with activity all day and night, and there’s no need to go anywhere else to have a complete day. In addition to the bars, there are plenty of restaurants and fun shops within walking distance. Just make sure you arrange for a ride home!

2 - Take a Century Boat and Hit the Water

This can be a relaxing way to recover from partying all day and night at the beach. Go out for a nice cruise to help calm things back down after a wild day. You might even want to cast a few lines and see if you can catch a fresh dinner for the night. Alternatively, you can continue the excitement by engaging in some water sports. The benefits of a Century Boat make it perfect for just about any kind of water activity you can think of.

3 - Set Your Sights on the Sirens

The Sheraton Fort Lauderdale Beach Hotel (formerly known as the Yankee Clipper) hosts an unforgettable show every Friday and Saturday at 6:30. Peer through portholes inside their Wreck Bar to see a group of beautiful mermaids in seashell bras. Watch their long hair (and anything else) twirl through the water as they do somersaults. The show is only half an hour long, but the cocktails can flow all night, and the memories will last a lifetime.

4 - Immerse Yourself in the Arts

This is a great way to get at least one G-rated story you can be proud to tell when you get back home. The Young at Art Museum, Museum of Art, Girls’ Club gallery, and Art and Culture Center of Hollywood are all in the area. Special showings tours and even parades are all an option if you have the right timing.

5 - Take a Boat to Dinner

If you didn’t get your fill of water activities on the Century Boat earlier, take a water taxi for a ride around Fort Lauderdale or Hollywood beach. Along the way, you’ll have access to a bunch of restaurants, and (of course) even more bars. The taxi only costs $20 for an entire day, and it includes some interesting trivia about the area in addition to the fun stops.

6 - Check out the Turtles

Sea turtles nest along the area’s beaches from March to October. Watch as they take to the sand to dig nests, lay eggs, and return to the ocean. Female loggerheads can weigh up to 2,000 pounds, and it’s quite a sight to see from up close. The entire egg-laying process only takes 30 minutes or an hour, so you’ll still have plenty of night left for other activities. If your timing is right, you may also get to see the new hatchlings make their mad dash for the ocean.

7 - Get Lost in the Everglades

Better yet, take a tour, so you don’t get lost. Guided airboats will take you through the River of Grass, where you can see all the interesting plants that are native to this environment. You’ll learn about how valuable the Everglades are, and you might even see a gator or two.

8 - Spend Time at the Swap Shop

The Swap Shop started as the Thunderbird Drive-In Movie Theater in 1963, but it’s become so much more since then. You can still catch a movie, and you also have access to a massive flea market, farmers market, and circus. There’s even an arcade and a car museum.

Where to Get a Boat in Broward County

Nautical Ventures has been helping guys have epic weekends in Broward County since 1985, and we don’t plan on slowing down any time soon. Contact us to get your boat serviced before the crew comes into town. We also supply boats, kayaks, and all kinds of water toys in the Broward County area. Visit us at any of our locations to make this a weekend to remember!

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