BOTE Rover – Paddle to Power

Published July 25th, 2017 by Bernardo

Looking to get to those far off places, the undiscovered mangroves with those skinny water fishing honey holes? If so, you’ll need a personal water craft that can get you there. Introducing the winner of the 2017 ICAST Best of Show award, BOTE Boards newest creation, the Rover. It does just that, and more. The Bote Rover gives you the flexibility to transform between a paddleboard and a micro skiff with the removeable Motor Rac system… no bolts or tools required.

Customize the Rover to suit your needs by utilizing the ConnexSUP° plugs that are installed throughout the Rover’s deck. These plugs are injection molded universal base mounts, which allow for integration of BOTE accessories, such as their modular marine grade Rac Receiver System. Add the Grab Rac for support while running flat out or while moving around the deck. The Bucket Rac features four rod holders and is the perfect accessory to hold the BOTE Kula cooler. The Kula cooler has been known to be a great captains seat while underway or a standing pad to fish from, all while keeping your beverages cold. The Motor Rac system is the single accessory that makes the leap from paddle to power. It features two rod holders, two one-gallon Rotopax™ mounts and a motor mounting bracket for mounting up to a 6 HP engine.

The Rover is the most stable board BOTE has created to date. With a capacity up to 500 lbs., owners can walk from rail to rail and nose to tail while maintaining complete control. The hull itself features thicker rails which improves stability, a sunken cockpit to lower the operators center of gravity and a deep-v nose which improves speed, tracking and reduces noise. BOTE manufactured the Rover with Honeycore foam filled construction, to improve strength while making it virtually unsinkable.

Nautical Ventures is proud to be the first dealer in South Florida to receive stock of the new BOTE Rover’s. With locations in Fort Lauderdale, North Palm Beach, and Riviera Beach, Nautical Ventures will offer these widely-anticipated water crafts to the South Florida boat and yachting community.

When it comes to stand-up paddle board and skiff sales in South Florida, Nautical Ventures has been serving the Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale market for over 30 years. They’ve been helping water lovers in Palm Beach County, Broward County and Dade County get on the water to enjoy trouble-free water sports. They service everything they sell and they are factory trained to warranty everything they carry.  They are experts in shipping throughout the Caribbean, Bahamas and Virgin Islands. At Nautical Ventures, you’re not just buying a BOTE Rover - you’re buying the experience. 


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