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Come Fly With Me.

Published March 9th, 2016 by Bernardo

Nothing beats flying over the surface of the water with full three dimensional freedom of movement. Fly high... as high as 60 feet. Flip out... a complete 360-degrees. Twist, turn, even propel under water. Man’s desire to fight the pull of gravity and fly has been a constant for centuries. But now, this desire has become a reality thanks to X-Jet Backpacks and JetBlades.

X-Jets combines the mechanics of hydro flight with various aspects of aerospace technology, specifically the jet propulsion arena. Tethered to a propulsion device, such as a jetski or waverunner, you're then propelled through the air in short order.

Nautical Ventures is the Fort Lauderdale / Hollywood / and Palm Beach headquarters for X-Jet products. Our staff is fully trained and experienced in the world of hydro flight and can hook you up with the right gear to get you flying in no time.



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