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Mercury Engine Review

Published May 21st, 2018 by Bernardo

Mercury started as a small machine shop in 1939 and has been making world-class engines ever since. This brand gives boaters the best of both worlds. Mercury continues to stand by the main engineering principles that made them successful, but they also know when to leave tradition in their wake. The brand constantly innovates and is always finding ways to increase their already legendary toughness and durability.


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Mercury makes a great line of outboard motors. The brand offers everything from small tiller handle motors to larger motors with up to 350 horsepower. Here’s a general look at some of their offerings:


  • Verado - The Verado outboard motor raises the bar by delivering between 175-350 horsepower. Power isn’t the only impressive thing about its performance. The Verado also features reduced noise, low vibration, and responsible fuel efficiency. The supercharged four-stroke power creates unrivaled mid-range acceleration.
  • Pro XS - The Pro XS brings anywhere from 115 to 250 hp and best-in-class top speed. This outboard adds tremendous value for any fisherman. With the Pro XS, you can have it all: speed, reliability, and fuel efficiency.
  • FourStroke - This four-stroke outboard is available from 2.5 to 150 horsepower. At 150 hp the FourStroke brings a performance that gives even the Verado a run for its money in most areas. This engine is made to be small and light, which helps keep it efficient as it churns out power.
  • SeaPro FourStroke - This commercial outboard is designed to perform perfectly in any condition. Options exist in the 40-150 hp range.
  • Jet - The nimble jet provides great handling at any point in its 25 to 200 hp range. This makes it ideal for narrow passes and shallow waters.
  • OptiMax - The OptiMax delivers powerful performance thanks to its Direct Fuel Injection (DFI) technology. DFI helps maintain reliability, efficiency, and easy handling at all speeds. 200-250 horsepower gives this engine plenty of acceleration ability.


Mercury Engine Dealer


When you need a Mercury engine for sale in Palm Beach, Nautical Ventures has a convenient location to serve you. We can even install the engine at our local facility after you buy it.


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