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Published April 18th, 2017 by Bernardo

Co-Founders Nina Anderson and Clay Builder both saw the need for a boating leisure platform where guests could relax close to the water on a floating island of comfort, or safely dock their jet-skis while enjoying water sports off their yacht. Their aim was to produce a premium quality platform of superior durability and multi-functionality, that would be stable enough to walk on. So, while working together on a Mediterranean based motor yacht, Nina and Clay came up with a brilliant configuration and shortly thereafter NautiBuoy Marine was born.

Designed by yachtsmen for yachtsmen, NautiBuoy offers endless uses of both fun and purpose. “Relaxing at water level is not possible onboard, so it adds another dimension to our guests’ charter experience. They now have the ability to swim to their own small island with its own boarding ladder,” notes First Officer T. Endersby, MY Heavenly Daze.  

Additionally, NautiBuoy platforms easily switch from guest to crew. The platforms are an ideal maintenance tool that the crew can use to inspect, clean and polish the hull and exterior of the vessel. “I’m not really sure how we survived before the NautiBuoy came into our lives. Wash downs and hull detailing have never been so easy and it’s not long until we get another yacht in the marina asking to borrow our NautiBuoy,” states Captain A. Sheltrum, SY Bliss.

NautiBuoy platforms are available in four sizes, 375, 525, 675 and the 800, and can carry 3 to 5 people.  The smallest model, the 375, inflates to 8’2” x 4’11” in under 2 minutes, and has a max load of just over 900 lbs. NautiBuoy’s largest platform, the 800, inflates in under 4 minutes to 13’1” x 6’6” and can carry an impressive 1543 lbs.

In addition to being extremely stable, each NautiBuoy platform comes with a revolutionary patent pending Air Toggle connection system that allows the linking of all four sizes to one another. This system can create configurations to accommodate everything from jet-ski docks to longer pontoons, and form shapes that allow access to any part of any yacht.

In the yachting industry, we all understand the value of storage space. NautiBuoy platforms are easily and quickly deflated, rolled and conveniently stowed away in zipless protective bags. In most cases, they can be stowed under rib collars or in work lockers. Platforms can inflate and deflate in as little as 5 minutes, allowing the crew more time to focus on guests and guests can focus on enjoying the yachting life.

Aesthetically speaking, owners have the option between a diamond or a faux-teak surface. The diamond score finish offers a non-skid PVC surface that is easy to clean and provides a contemporary look, while the teak finish is UV resistant, soft underfoot, is non-skid and offers a high-end visual appearance. NautiBuoy also offers many accessories that complement the platforms. For example, NautiBuoy’s leisure pack option with Classic Comfort Seats featuring Sunbrella® fabric and is sure to enhance everyone’s sunbathing experience. To make work more efficient for the crew, choose collapsible buckets and lids, hose holders suction cups with cleats, and more.

NautiBuoy has also developed the C-Dock, an exclusive docking collar for the popular SeaBob diving sled. The C-Dock provides a convenient approach to store and protect your SeaBob while it’s in the water. The C-Dock avoids the need for repetitive lifting of your SeaBob in and out of the water and acts like a “garage” at water level.

Nautical Ventures is your official NautiBuoy dealer for South Florida, and one of the largest retailers and distributors of yacht toys in the world. Nautical Ventures is recognized by Boating Industry as a Top 100 Dealer and we’ve been serving the South Florida nautical market for over 30 years. We’ve been helping boaters in Palm Beach County, Broward County, and Dade County get on the water to enjoy trouble-free boating. We service everything we sell and we are factory trained to warranty everything we carry.

Written by: Erin Carr [email protected]

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