The New Bahamas Fishing Regulations.

Published February 3rd, 2017 by Bernardo


Confused about the new Bahamas Fishing Regulations?  Then it might be time to go Solo… Solo Skiff that is.  Why? 


While there are several positive effects of the new regulations, there are also a number of unfortunate, negative aspects. The worst of these is the fact that two or more people in a flats skiff can no longer fish on the flats without a guide, by law. This stipulation applies to both Bahamians and foreigners. This means that two young Bahamians looking to go fishing on the flats - in any type of motorized boat - can no longer fish legally without a guide. While the intent of this law is to prevent second home owners in the Bahamas (who may own their own skiff) from fishing without a guide, the collateral damage to local populations and Bahamians will have significant implications for the future of guided fly fishing in the Bahamas. By targeting foreigners with this ill-conceived rule, the Bahamian government will instead negatively impact its own people. If young Bahamians are stripped of their right to be out on the water, learning the sport of fly fishing, and developing safe boat handling techniques, what kind of future is there for aspiring young guides.


An easy and effective solution to this lies in a fishing skiff aptly named the Solo Skiff… a one-person combination fishing kayak, SUP, and a power boat in one. The Solo Skiff offers more ways to fish that you can imagine, with more dry storage than any kayak, and a built-in cooler that can also be used for a livewell or dry storage.


The Solo Skiff can go anywhere. From backwater bone flats to fishing off the beach, the Solo Skiff does it all. Sit, stand or kneel, its stable platform provides you with comfort no matter how you fish. Punch through a wave? No problem. Paddle through mere inches of water? No problem! Everything is central, ergonomics are easy to manage- turnaround, and it’s there.  Add a motor and it becomes a fishing kayak on steroids.


The Solo Skiff is 14 feet and 5 inches long, 41 inches wide, weighs 150 pounds, and has a maximum capacity of 400 pounds. This vessel has a split-tailed transom handles a low-horsepower outboard or trolling motor for propulsion. Incorporated into the stern is a flush run-off deck that allows water to self-bail. A raised seat for steering, doubles as a poling stand. Gear and battery for a trolling motor fit inside a storage compartment below the seat. The hatch has a heavy-duty latch and large rubber gasket to keep gear dry. This vessel is super stable and great for fishing. It is available in seafoam green, grey, and brown.


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