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The TRUTH about fishing reels.

Published April 11th, 2016 by Bernardo

At the risk of using an old adage, I'm going to say, “You get what you pay for.” Nowhere is this more evident than with professional grade fishing tackle – especially reels. But we found a line that really combines the latest technology, machine capabilities, and materials without breaking the bank… Truth Fishing Reels.

Made 100% in the U.S.A., we discovered Truth Fishing Reels to be are among the lightest, strongest, and most competitively priced in the fishing industry that carry a lifetime warranty. Their proprietary designs are derived from the extensive saltwater in-shore and off-shore fishing experience of our staff, captains, and customers.

We discovered the line through our own team efforts with our local Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournament club. Sparing you the diatribe of what Extreme Kayak Fishing is all about, we needed tackle gear that was light, durable, efficient and can take the rigors of hooking a 100 lb. plus gamefish in a corrosive saltwater environment. Gears get stripped, handles break, drags stop dragging, and one soon discovers what the fine print means in a limited lifetime warranty.

That’s when we discovered Truth Reels. Truth Reels are designed by fisherman for fisherman. These guys have a machining background and they took those skills, a dream and turned their concept and applied creativity into creating a new fishing tool. They added a dog to the bearing for the anti-reverse, improved freespool performance and created a new soft grip round knob that's both unique and a pleasure to use.

Come see the complete line of Truth Reels at Nautical Ventures. We’re experts in helping fisherman from Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood and Palm Beach hook up with the latest in fishing innovations.

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