This is Life-Saving information.

Published March 28th, 2016 by Bernardo

The time to think about your life raft is NOT when you need it. Your skills as a boater, and your responsibility, go beyond launching, docking, and having a good time. In the event of an emergency are you prepared? Do you know what to do? And do you have the equipment to save your life and those aboard?

Life jackets and PFD’s do account for the majority of safety gear needed for most minor emergencies. But increasing fatalities on smaller lakes and shallow in-shore water environments should give pause for concern. When things go wrong quickly are you as quickly prepared to act?

That’s where a life raft can literally save your life. Pull the pin and climb in, it’s that quick and easy. But the high price tag of life rafts keeps many boaters away. That’s where Arimar comes in.

Arimar is Italy’s innovative manufacturer of sea life concept safety rafts, having marked the transition from old-style; self-inflatable rafts packed into large, bulky cases, into new, ergonomic designs housed in containers that are aesthetically pleasing and lightweight.

Arimar is a world leader in the manufacturer of inflatable products and components for the recreational boater and professional alike. Their creativity, professionalism and enthusiasm steers them on a constant course for customer satisfaction. For over twenty years Arimar has set innovative benchmarks to industrial policies, designing advanced machinery proprietary to their production processes. Made in Italy means made with quality, where safety and technology come together to bring you pleasure at sea.

Nautical Ventures is the exclusive North American reseller for Arimar and the only distributor to offer these safety rafts through an innovative online program. The result brings you unparalleled convenience in delivery, service and support- at a price that will make you equally happy.

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