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Top 4 Reasons to Buy a Carbon Fiber Boat

Published June 12th, 2018 by Bernardo

Modern boating technology is evolving, and people are becoming more and more aware of the benefits of a carbon fiber boat. If you’re wondering why to buy a carbon fiber boat, read about the benefits of carbon fiber over fiberglass. The key advantages of carbon fiber boats are in four main areas.

1 - Carbon Fiber Weighs Less Than Fiberglass

Switching from fiberglass to carbon fiber can reduce the overall weight of a boat by as much as 20% or more. Upgrading to carbon fiber helps boats get the same performance using less material, and this leads to a lighter vessel. Thanks to this reduced weight from superior carbon fiber designs, boats become more efficient and faster at the same time.

2 - Carbon Fiber Is Stiffer Than Fiberglass

Carbon fiber’s superiority isn’t limited to the body of the boat. The improved stiffness makes it ideal for outrigger poles. Aluminum or fiberglass poles can whip back and forth in rough conditions, but carbon fiber will stay steady. This is perfect for those who want to troll for fish without having their bait flung around in the water.

3 - Carbon Fiber Provides a Smoother Ride Than Fiberglass

Carbon fiber’s lighter weight helps the boat sit higher in the water. This allows carbon fiber boats to get over waves more easily. The enhanced stiffness also lends itself to smooth sailing, because the hull can cut through waves more easily. Smooth rides combined with stiff outrigger poles make deep sea fishing significantly easier.

4 - Carbon Fiber is Stronger Than Fiberglass

In the unfortunate event of a wreck, passengers will be much safer in a carbon fiber hull. The extra strength helps it stand up to collisions and any other type of damage you might encounter. The strength and protection further allows weight reduction in carbon fiber vessels, because even a thinner hull can provide superior safety. Carbon fiber boats can restore a boater’s peace of mind even in rough conditions because these boats are much better than their fiberglass competitors at standing up to rough waves.

Carbon Fiber Boats at Nautical Ventures

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