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Yacht Brokers – Negotiating Your Way Through Rough Waters

Published November 11th, 2016 by Bernardo

Owning a boat is one of the most enjoyable experiences in life. Filling the primordial need to be one with the water, boating is the ultimate social engagement that brings friends and family together for a good time. 87 million people participated in recreational U.S. boating in 2015. That’s 27% of America’s population. The U.S. recreational boating market had an estimated retail value of over 35 billion U.S. dollars in 2014. And according to the last census, 11% of the U.S. population owns a boat. 


Akin to the housing market, most people first own a small, starter boat then eventually trade up to a vessel best suited to their family and lifestyle. And like a house, the bigger the boat the more complicated the transaction. That’s where a reputable boat broker can play a vital role in your life and will take away the stress associated with the yacht buying process. A leisure boat typically must be more than 30 feet long to be considered a yacht, according to the Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology. So, for purposes of this blog we will refer to brokers as yacht brokers due to the fact that most boats under 30 feet are sold through more conventional retail means.


Using a yacht broker will provide valuable services for you. They will do a market analysis on your yacht, they will guide you through the survey process, the can handle the escrow account along with the contract, and the will work hard on your behalf to save you money. Recently, one of our brokers took their client aboard a 65-foot yacht that they had their eye on for some time. Before boarding, our broker noticed an issue with the shore power system and quickly disconnected the boat form its power source. Knowing how deep this electrical issue could go, he turned to the buyers and simple said, “You may want to consider a different boat.” But this couple had their heart set on buying this vessel whose make and model didn’t come up for sale very often. So our broker negotiated an additional $65,000 off the price, more than enough to replace the electrical system and leave the couple with money in their pocket and peace of mind on their boat. 


Nautical Ventures is unique from the big box brokerage firms in that we specialize in more one-on-one personalized service for both buyer and seller. Our boutique brokerage approach matches the expectations of the buyer to that of the seller, delivering a satisfactory experience for all involved. 


Nautical Ventures is also your Go-To place for the latest new boat models offered by Argo Nautic, Axopar, Avalon Pontoons, Buddy Davis, Cape Horn, Capelli, Carbon Craft, Chapman, Delta Powerboats, F-Rib, Glasstream Powerboats, Highfield, Impetus, Novurania, Rand Electric Boats, Release Fishing Boats, RibCraft, RibJet, SACS, the Wave, and more. Remember… you’re not just buying a boat- you’re buying the experience.

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