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Yamaha’s 4.2L V6 V-Max SHO Outboards – Get Ready for a Whole New Game.

Published July 7th, 2016 by Bernardo

Yamaha outboard Engine 4.2L V6 V-Max SHO Outboards – Get Ready for a Whole New Game.

For years, tournament anglers championed the two stroke, sacrificing fuel economy and power for performance. That is, until Yamaha unleashed the world’s first 4.2L Super High Output four stroke outboard. The four stroke V MAX SHO® offers all the advantages of a two stroke in a clean burning, fuel efficient four stroke. It’s a level of performance that pro anglers have always wanted on the tournament circuit. And it’s officially put two strokes on notice. And Nautical Ventures is your Yamaha Inline 4-Stroke headquarters when it comes to all your engine needs. Repower… Warranty… and Service. Here what we like about this new Yamaha V-Max model: 


Lightning-Fast Hole Shot: The V MAX SHO® has a 4.2L big-bore design that shoots it out of the hole up to 13% faster than its two stroke competitors. Its variable camshaft timing increases throttle response in the low and midranges, resulting in unbelievable acceleration, top-end and midrange punch.


Brute Strength: Its 4.2L big-bore design gives the V MAX SHO® class-leading displacement and power-to-weight ratio.


Smart Innovations: Micro-textured cylinder walls and a new intake system greatly improve fuel economy. In fact, the V MAX SHO® boasts up to 12% better fuel economy than competitive two strokes, and is C.A.R.B. 3-Star Rated for Ultra Low Emissions


Lightweight Design: Yamaha engineers redesigned the cowling, engine bracket and lower engine pan, shaving every ounce of weight, without compromising durability. As a result, the V MAX SHO® is just 505 pounds (dry weight)—a good 34 pounds lighter than previous two stroke V MAX designs.


Nautical Ventures is your official Yamaha headquarters for South Florida. We’ve been helping boaters in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach stay on the water with trouble-free enjoyment for over 30 years.

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