• Broward: 954-926-5250
  • Palm beach: 561-612-7076
  • Tampa Bay: 727-939-8900
  • Sarasota: 941-355-5500

The classic lines of a Sterling Flats Boat reflect the extraordinary talent of a team of skilled craftsmen, who ten years ago, rooted in passion for design, set out on an uncompromising mission: “To Create The World’s Finest Flats Boats…the most innovative, best engineered and most intensely satisfying flats boats imaginable.” In their pursuit of excellence, the team stayed true to their vision and allowed the creative process to evolve naturally with no holds barred. Driven by passion, patience, and perseverance came an explosion of design with cutting edge concepts and technology that far surpassed conventional trends. The “American Marine Revolution” in flats boat concepts was launched with the introduction of the original Sterling in the year 2001. Sterling has continued the revolution with the introduction of the all-new “Second Generation Sterling Flats Boats.”

We are Florida’s west coast premier dealer for Sterling Flats Boats, located in: Sarasota and Tampa Bay.

available models

  • 220XS

    Length: 21’8″
    Beam: 8’2″
    Max Power: 300 hp
  • 200XS

    Length: 20′
    Beam: 8’2″
    Max Power: 250 hp
  • 180TS

    Length: 18’3″
    Beam: 7’4″
    Max Power: 150 hp
  • TR7

    Length: 17′
    Beam: 7’4″
    Max Power: 115 hp

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