• Broward: 954-926-5250
  • Palm beach: 561-612-7076

Crossing for a Cure

At Thursday, Jun 14, 8:00 AM EST to Saturday, Jun 16, 7:03 PM EST


  • This epic adventure is designed to be as fun as possible while enduring through more than 70 miles of open ocean paddling. Safety is our #1 concern. The Ocean and Gulf Stream can be highly unpredictable and every pre-caution necessary will be taken to keep everyone safe.  This paddle challenge will be one of the greatest and most memorable events of your life.  What you put into it, is what you get out of it.

  • We will have safety personnel and event officials on roving boats checking in with paddlers and crew members on a regular basis.

  • The Coast Guard will be notified of our float plan and contacted in case of a serious medical emergency.

  • See registration details and Official Rules below.

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