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Candock For Sale In Florida

Often imitated but never equalled!

Develop, produce and commercialize docks and modular floating systems that are adapted to the needs of our clients all over the world, while participating in our partner’s development!

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These revolutionary cubes can adapt to any shoreline, and you can assemble them to create whatever shape and size you like. The configuration options are limitless.… Just use your imagination!


The safety aspect of nautical products is critical. This is why the Candock system has undergone rigorous testing. Its safety features include excellent dock stability, high load capacity, an anti-skid surface and no metal parts.


Made of high density polyethylene resin, Candock floating cubes are remarkably resistant to impact, climate change, the adverse effects of water and the sun and a wide range of chemical products.


With the Candock system, the concept “maintenance-free” means ZERO maintenance – no more, no less. No more lost time, no more expense, and no more work to be done on a conventional wooden or metal dock year after year.


The Candock system is simple: blocks closely and firmly held together by special mounting screws. All pieces are light and easy to handle.


The modular structure components do not oxidize or deteriorate. This means that the floating dock will stay in its natural state.


Floating Dock | Service Channel | Jetslide System | Rowing Dock | Edge Line

Each component has been designed to offer the greatest possible degree of simplicity and flexibility.

Candock docks can be anchored in any type of seabed, or to any existing structure - regardless of the conditions….The era of massive wooden, metal and cement docks is a thing of the past. What’s more… you can change the configuration of your Candock dock as often as you like! Candock has propelled floating dock technology to the next level.

Let your imagination soar! Candock is the ultimate solution for:

  • Residential docks
  • Industrial docks
  • Marinas
  • Leisure Docks
  • Military applications
  • Heliports
  • Floating pools
  • Canoeing, kayaking and rowing docks
  • Boat lift systems
  • PWC lift systems

After years of studying current systems, Candock has developed a patented service channel technology that is unique to the market. This innovative system has two parts: the base and a service cover. No hardware is required; the service covers are fixed with the dock screws.

This multi-purpose system provides easier access to services. Lights, service terminals, emergency pedestals, fire stations and other accessories can easily be connected to the covers.

Its modularity provides you with more possibilities than any other system. It even allows you to light your dock from the interior thanks to its unique patented LED lighting technology.

The JETSLIDE has the same basic advantages as our dock system. The JETSLIDE is a unique patented dry dock system that protects the hull of your watercraft from the accumulation of shellfish and marine vegetation. Over time, these kinds of accumulations could affect your boat’s performance. With the JETSLIDE, you’ll eliminate both maintenance costs and premature wear and tear on your watercraft. It’s easy to assemble, clean, aesthetic, very flexible, and compatible with different types of watercraft. The JETSLIDE also enables you to walk safely around your pleasure craft. No more metal structures obstructing your view. The JETSLIDE requires no maintenance and is used as a jet ski dock or boat dock.

During the 2013 Canada Games, Candock developed an innovative product specifically designed to meet the increased demand for rowing dock installations. Standards became more stringent for international competitions and the Candock “ROWING DOCK” series was born! The flotation technology means athletes benefit from an ideal height flotation, regardless of the weight stress on the dock. On the dock edges, the most critical spot for exit and launching procedures, the flotation level is perfect at all time. This revolutionary “ROWING DOCK” technology also makes the dock more stable. For an installation requiering heavy load capacities, you can add a load distribution system which will further increase stability. You’ll feel like you’re walking on land! Finally, Candock offers a turnkey solution for competitive boaters with its custom manufacturing service. Candock designs products such as officials’ towers (fixed or floating), plank system for aligners (adjustable or fixed), platforms and departure docks, etc.

Meet the latest member of the Candock product range, our exclusive EDGE CUBE line! By engaging with our thousands of customers all over the world, we have come up with a way to meet your needs with the safest, most rugged and affordable way to improve the look of your Candock dock!

With its slick and smooth dock outskirt, you can moor your boats and PWC alongside this Candock, carefree!

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