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Published September 11th, 2019 by Bernardo







It’s been less than four years since the ground-breaking, incomparable Axopar 37 revolutionized the market for outboard-engine day-boats, sports-weekenders and cabin boats, by turning it completely on its head. 

With over 2000 Axopars produced to date, its unique concept has rapidly made Axopar one of the most globally recognized boat brands in the world in its field. 

By being fast and flexible to the demands of the boat-buying public, we’ve wasted no time in launching an astounding new successor to this greatly admired, multiple award-winning concept. 

Customer Experience - Our driving force 

In developing the new Axopar 37 we have spent the last four years interacting and listening closely to understand our customers’ needs, following their suggestions, talking to them, and gathering information about everything they would like to see improved on a new upcoming Axopar 37. 

By featuring a host of previously unseen innovations and unique technical ‘firsts’, as well as improved creature comforts and a whole new space experience, the latest incarnation is a breath-taking, progressive and strongly customer-focused product. 

A boat that we wholeheartedly believe will revolutionize the market all over again.

The boat that dares to be different

With a concept brief driven by the need to meet uncompromised quality at the right price, our R&D team were not content with merely face-lifting an existing model, preferring instead to follow a much more complex road to reinvent the Axopar 37 again. Without increasing its hull size or weight, we set forth to further revolutionize the range with an array of features and benefits that have never been seen on a boat within this category. 

No easy way out - investing heavily in R&D and ‘inno-visions’

We strive to continuously improve our products, reinvesting into the development of each new generation that we develop. This has demanded painstaking efforts and countless engineering hours in the R&D and engineering stage, determined as we were not to take the easy way out simply by adding one or two feet in length to accommodate all the new features onboard.

We have never been afraid to break with convention and innovate. The new boat therefore has a better ride, better comfort, better driving dynamics, and a stiffer construction than ever before, alongside all the new industry firsts and creature comforts onboard. We have basically enhanced everything that owners can see, touch and feel on their boats.

A new driving experience

By pushing existing boundaries, the most challenging and painstaking part of the R&D work has been to take the knowledge gained from our previous Axopar models’ hydro-dynamics to develop an entirely new hull, superior to its predecessor in terms of performance and handling, being stable and secure, but at the same time responsive and sporty in its character.

All of this, even when its predecessor is considered to be one of the best performing hulls on the market.

Meeting a new trend on the water

The most valuable asset our customers have, is time. Modern boat owners enjoy busy lives, free time being their most treasured commodity, and how they choose to invest that time is one of the most important decisions they will ever make. We are proud that so many choose our products to maximize the value they gain during that precious free time.

There is a new trend arising – boaters want to maximize their experiences on the water during their free time and there is a new demand to include other activities whilst spending time on the water. Axopar owners love to bring along with them a myriad of sports & lifestyle-orientated equipment, enjoying sports like fishing, water-skiing, windsurfing, paddle-boarding, kayaking, snorkelling, scuba-diving, hiking and mountain biking, just to mention a few.

We have responded to this need by implementing new features such as a multi-storage compartment including a sundeck in the Open and Sun-Top versions, for holding large water sports equipment. The Sun-Top and Cabin versions both benefit from a new roof-rack for transporting gear around. 

Made for true Adventure!

No matter whether you choose the S, ST or XC version, the Axopar 37 range will safely take an entire family out for long-range adventures in supreme comfort, with capacity for overnight sleeping and great social spaces for quick picnics or relaxed sunsets. Generous fuel capacity and an intuitive driving feel ensures that even customers who are new to boating will be confident when driving the Axopar 37 in familiar or previously unexplored territories. Thanks to the safe and dry hull, you and your family will feel protected while exploring new locations, and then taking you safely to your home port every time in any weather conditions.

The striking all weather performer - Axopar 37 XC Cross Cabin

We especially want to emphasize the global success and usage of the Axopar 37 Cabin, whether it be in the harsh, cold seas of Svalbard or in the sunny Caribbean. By utilizing our smart, unique concept of sharing the same platform between models we deliver more than 50% of the Axopar 37’s around the world as Cabin versions.

We saw the need for a fast and fully protected commuter with high comfort levels that can take you further on your journey, whatever the weather. We consider the Axopar 37 Cabin to be the “Grand Turismo” of the seas, that opens a world of possibilities for extended voyages, even in unpredictable weather.

The success of the 37 Cabin is due to its utilization of every foot onboard for socializing and practical living, whether indoors or outdoors, whilst driving or spending time at anchor. This, combined with its ability to safely take passengers from A to B in any conditions, also makes it the perfect charter and tender boat, as shown by its existing and future presence in the superyacht world. 



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