The Stuart boating market is unique with its complex arteries of waterways and deep-water canals, and home to more power boats and sailboats per capita than its neighboring cities. Formerly known as A Sailors Place, specializing in yacht tenders, life rafts, and service, Nautical Ventures joined forces to expand their product offering to include boats, kayaks, yacht toys, watersports and more.

One trip to our store and you’ll see why we’ve been voted a Top 100 dealer 5-times running by Boating Industry. Our knowledgably staff will take the time to listen to your needs and find the best boat or accessory that fits your lifestyle. Visit us at 3108 S.E. Monroe Street, Stuart, FL 34997, and you’ll find everything you need to make your time on the water even more special.

Boats for Sale Stuart

Stuart is a beautiful place for anyone who has a love for boating and a passion for the water. We at Nautical Ventures serve that kind of person because we share a love for boating as much as they do. Our employees have a genuine passion for this industry, and we carry the top brands to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Explore offerings like these to learn why we’re the go-to people for fun on the water:

Axopar Boats for Sale

This European boat maker is known for wrapping power and reliability in a beautiful package. The futuristic style of Axopar boats tells you that this brand is committed to innovation, and the performance proves it.

Antares & Flyer by Beneteau Boats for Sale

With over 100 years of experience, the Beneteau family can safely truthfully say that making world-class boats is their biggest tradition. Whether you want your experience to be powered by wind or engine, trust this brand to make it luxurious.

De Antonio for Sale

De Antonio’s line of hidden outboard powered boats are tailored to fit your boating lifestyle, unlike anything else on the water today. Maximizing both interior space and space on deck, paramount importance is placed on your enjoyment and design represents the most vanguard look of today. Voted Europe’s 2019 Powerboat of the Year, De Antonio Yachts not only gives a great esthetic value, but also provides a functional and comfortable design.

Sailfish Boats for Sale

Sailfish Boats offer intelligent ergonomics that are both family-friendly and fishing-focused. Today’s Sailfish is the result of over three decades of design and engineering experience. We combine the best time-tested boat building techniques with the latest in marine technology to deliver a simply superior product. The entire Sailfish line of center console, dual console, walk arounds and bay boats lets you maximize your experience on the water.

Starcraft Boats for Sale

Starcraft is leading the industry in quality and innovation with fun, versatile boats that are well within reach. There's a sense of pride at Starcraft that you won't find anywhere else. Pride in our boats and pride in backing them up. While our designs have changed and evolved over the years, what has remained constant is the painstaking care and meticulous attention to detail that goes into crafting every single one of our Starcraft boats.

AB Tenders for Sale

AB Tenders are manufactured with the highest quality materials with attention to detail, and are designed for recreational use, commercial operations and jet segments. With over 880 models, AB has a unique forward hull design that creates a raised bow and enhances performance by enabling easier planning with less horsepower. This allows the boat to cut through wakes and chop, virtually eliminating spray. The result is a smoother, more stable, and drier ride than any other inflatable boat on the market.

Highfield for Sale

Highfield’s proprietary aluminum hulls provide the performance and strength have always been at Highfield’s core. Highfield’s hulls are dry-riding, very seaworthy and always over-built. Their reputation for durability is world-renowned. The heavy-duty approach to design and build allows leisure and commercial owners to have the confidence needed to go that extra mile and to tackle conditions avoided by many others. With over 45 distributor countries and a worldwide dealer network, you can be confident any support you need will always be on hand.

Northstar RIBs for Sale

Quality, durability, safety and comfort are the key elements of any Northstar RIB utilizing composite techniques such as LRTM, RTM, infusion as well as hand lay-up methods. Tubes for our Ribs are typically made with CSM coated (Hypalon) special fabrics and can also be made with PU coated fabrics upon requests. In all Northstar Boats, innovation, quality and performance are integrated within the luxury, comfort, hydrodynamics and excellence.

Ocean Craft for Sale

Ocean Craft Marine employs only the boating industry’s most highly qualified and certified professional who bring you their expertise in advanced vessel design & engineering. Being ISO certified, ensures that each supplier and material used is pre-screened and tested. During manufacturing, we have QC checks at every single point in production resulting in time efficiency and ensuring that you have the best quality boat. As trendsetters, we always provide cutting edge innovations on a yearly basis..

Whaly boats for Sale

Whaly boats offer you plenty of boating fun at affordable prices! These extremely sturdy, double-walled boats are manufactured entirely out of plastic (Polyethylene), so they are low-maintenance, have very spacious interiors and are very safe. All Whaly models are perfect for recreational use, but many of them are also very suitable for professional purposes. Whaly’s well thought-out design, which emphasizes strength and stability, offers many options.

Polycraft boats for Sale

Ask anyone who owns a Polycraft boat about their experience and they will emphasize the boats soft ride, trouble free boating and durability characteristics. The boats do what we say they will do, no showbiz or fancy marketing, just Aussie made boats for everyday boating. We believe in providing a quality product, that performs well, is easy to maintain, at an affordable price point. There’s a Polycraft model that will suit your needs, you just need to add water for instant fun and adventures.

Revere Survival for Sale

Revere Survival Products was founded in 1936. Since its inception, our company has manufactured and distributed premium survival equipment to meet all recreational and commercial needs. Our full line of products includes life rafts, inflatable life jackets, beacons, pyrotechnics, and man-overboard rescue systems. Revere is committed to providing the best customer service with both our dealers and end users ensuring safety and security when out on the water.

Switlik for Sale

Switlik is a 100-year-old American manufacturing company, founded and run by expert engineers, designers, and manufacturers. People depend on our lines of premium survival products in the most demanding conditions, from Mach speeds at 30,000 feet to the open seas during hurricanes. The quality of our American-made products comes from a blend of innovative engineering, advanced technologies, and patented manufacturing processes. Be prepared for the unexpected with Switlik.

Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP)

There are many ways to have fun on the water, and we at Nautical Ventures want to experience as many of them as possible. We’ll help you find the right SUP for your needs, then get all the accessories to customize it accordingly.

Kayaks for Sale

Just like with boats, we believe people should be able to enjoy Florida with style and quality. That’s what you can expect from our kayaks, paddles, fish finders, rod holders, and even the necessary transport solutions.

Yacht Tenders Palm Beach

We at Nautical Ventures have been supplying tenders for over 30 years, offering all kinds of different shapes, sizes, and capabilities. Our quality has made us one of the biggest yacht tender dealers in the world, so we even ship globally.

Inflatables and Fun

After you buy a boat in Palm Beach, you’ll want all the fun toys to go along with it, and we can help you there as well. From inflatable sides to a whole assortment of creative personal transporters, we’ve got what it takes to delight your inner child.

Boat Dealership Near Me

To find the best tenders, boats and yacht toys in and around Martin County, head to your local Nautical Ventures location. We're conveniently located near the Manatee pocket on Southeast Monroe Steet in the heart of Stuart’s boating district. You'll find yourself browsing the best variety of boats, tenders, kayaks, and yacht toys. And we service everything that we sell. Visit us in person, or contact us at 772-283-9990 if you have any questions.

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