Inflatable Tender Boats for Sale in Florida

Would it be an accessory to help you get the most enjoyment from your yacht? Do you have limited space or a yacht garage requiring specific tender specifications? Do you want a tender that is big enough to serve as a dive boat? Are you looking for basic ship-to-shore transport, or would you prefer something the kids can ski behind?

Nautical Ventures is one of the largest retailers and distributors of tenders in the world, and has been for over 30 years. We are experts in providing you with the perfect tender to meet your specific needs. And we can ship it to you anywhere in the world!

Let us help you find your idea of a perfect yacht tender.

  • Highfield Boats - Highfield boats are unique in that their hulls are made of lightweight, yet very strong, aluminum hulls. Therefore. performance and strength represent their unique key values. Highfield’s hulls are dry-riding, very seaworthy and always over-built. With over 27,000 tenders on the water globally, their reputation for durability is world-renowned.
  • NorthStar Axis - From their high-caliber build, to their tight tolerances in construction, to their feature-filled details, NorthStar Axis Tenders rival premium brands, but without the premium price. Additionally, NorthStar builds-in more standard features in to their boats that other brands consider options, making NorthStar the best value on the market today.
  • NorthStar RIBS - NorthStar’s line of High-Performance RIBs are for those seeking higher cruising speeds while retaining excellent seakeeping characteristics. These 12-meter boats offer triple outboard motors hung on the latest in stepped hull geometry. A variety of seating and deck configurations allow for up to 12 passengers to ride in luxury and comfort.
  • Ocean Craft Marine - OceanCraft invented the amphibious RIB which offers you the ability to drive straight into the water without a hitch, and go to places that were previously considered inaccessible. More than just boats with wheels, these RIBS are powered by OCM’s advanced BAS-80-4 Amphibious system, giving you exceptional overland and on-water performance.
  • Whaly - These extremely sturdy, double-walled boats are manufactured entirely out of Polyethylene, so they are low-maintenance, have very spacious interiors and are very safe. They are virtually indestructible and a great learning platform for kids and those new to boating. Whaly boats offer you plenty of boating fun at very affordable prices!
  • Ribjet - If you need a tender with a small footprint, or one that fits in your yacht garage, then the Ribjet sport tender could be right for you. Hand built in the USA to our clients’ exact specifications, Ribjets ensure a consistent, lightweight and reliable product. We utilize an easy to service Rotex gas or Italian diesel engine to provide years of trouble-free boating.

Why Choose Nautical Ventures for Your Next Tender Boat

There are many good reasons to shop Nautical Ventures first when you’re looking for your next tender. First and foremost is our excellent selection. We only carry products from the best, most reliable manufacturers in the industry. We also offer convenience thanks to our locations in Palm Beach, and Broward. We’re easy to access from all over South Florida, and when you arrive you’ll be greeted by our knowledgeable and friendly staff

Profile A


Professional grade and purposefully-built, prepared to take you on any task.

The Profile® A-Series, with its aluminum-reinforced professional-grade hull, is the most versatile professional RIB on the market today. Prepared to take on any task, the Profile® A-Series is perfect for landing on rough shores, weaving around sharp coral, or cruising around in any weather condition.

Ideal for government, rescue and commercial use, the modular design of the Profile® A-Series allows for easy customization. It can be configured with console or jockey-style seating to meet the specific needs of the operator, and offers a range of optional equipment to further meet your rigorous demands.

Combined with a tough military-grade 1670 D-tex (CSM) fabric tubes, the Profile® A-Series can face any condition that would normally keep any other boat on shore. Built with a Deep “V” hull and a double floor deck, this console is designed to slice through the toughest chop and minimize spray to keep passengers dry and comfortable.

The aluminum Profile® hulls are over built for the commercial use and have a series of key construction features to ensure higher durability. As well, these include lifting and towing eyes vertically positioned to avoid these from bending, reinforced transom knees and a large squared aluminum engine rest support.

Six open models available from 11 to 16 and a Console Rib of 18 feet.

A11 A12 A13 A14 A15 A16 A18

Profile A
Length: 11’6’’- 18'
Weight: 97 kg - 390 kg
Beam: 5’7’’ - 7'11"
Max Power: 20hp - 115 hp

Standard Features

Profile A 11

Overall length 11’6’’ / 3,5m
Overall Beam 5’7’’ / 1,7m
Inside Length 8’6’’ / 2,6m
Inside Beam 2’8’’ / 0,81m
Tube Diameter 17’’ / 0,43m
Person Capacity 6
Weight 214 lbs / 97 kg **
Weight with Bow Locker 229 lbs / 104 kg
Recommended HP 20hp / 14.9kw
Maximum HP 30hp / 22.4kw
Shaft length 20’’ / 50,8cm
RDC Design Category C
Deadrise 17°

Profile A 12

Overall length 12’ / 3,66m
Overall Beam 6’1’’ / 1,85m
Inside Length 8’10’’ / 2,7m
Inside Beam 2’11’’ / 0,89m
Tube Diameter 18’’ / 0,46m
Person Capacity 6
Weight 231 lbs / 105 kg **
Weight with Bow Locker 246 lbs / 112 kg
Recommended HP 25hp / 18.7kw
Maximum HP 30hp / 22.4kw
Shaft length 20’’ / 50,8cm
RDC Design Category C
Deadrise 19°

Profile A 13

Overall length 13’ / 3,96m
Overall Beam 6’7’’ / 2m
Inside Length 9’10’’ / 3m
Inside Beam 3’3’’ / 0,99m
Tube Diameter 18’’ / 0,46m
Person Capacity 7
Weight 256 lbs / 116 kg **
Weight with Bow Locker 271 lbs / 123 kg
Recommended HP 30hp / 22.4kw
Maximum HP 40hp / 29.8kw
Shaft length 20’’ / 50,8cm
RDC Design Category C
Deadrise 18°

Profile A 14

Overall length 14’ / 4,27m
Overall Beam 6’7’’ / 2m
Inside Length 10’10’’ / 3,3m
Inside Beam 3’3’’ / 0,99m
Tube Diameter 19’’ / 0,48m
Person Capacity 8
Weight 287 lbs / 130 kg **
Weight with Bow Locker 305 lbs / 138 kg
Recommended HP 40hp / 29.8kw
Maximum HP 50hp / 37,3kw
Shaft length 20’’ / 50,8cm
RDC Design Category C
Deadrise 18°

Profile A 15

Overall length 15’ / 4,57m
Overall Beam 6’9’’ / 2,06m
Inside Length 11’8’’ / 3,55m
Inside Beam 3’4’’ / 1,03m
Tube Diameter 19’’ / 0,48m
Person Capacity 9
Weight 383 lbs / 174 kg **
Weight with Bow Locker 401 lbs / 182 kg
Recommended HP 50hp / 37,3kw
Maximum HP 60hp / 44,8kw
Shaft length 20’’ / 50,8cm
RDC Design Category C
Deadrise 18°

Profile A 16

Overall length 16’ / 4,88m
Overall Beam 7’ / 2,14m
Inside Length 12’8’’ / 3,85m
Inside Beam 3’6’’ / 1,08m
Tube Diameter 21’’ / 0,53m
Person Capacity 10
Weight 438 lbs / 199 kg **
Weight with Bow Locker 458 lbs / 208 kg
Recommended HP 50hp / 37,3kw
Maximum HP 70hp / 52.2kw
Shaft length 20’’ / 50,8cm
RDC Design Category C
Deadrise 18°

Profile A 18

Overall length 18' / 5,49m
Overall Beam 7'11" / 2,40m
Inside Length 14'8" / 4,47m
Inside Beam 4'3" / 1,30m
Tube Diameter 22" / 0,56m
Person Capacity 15
Weight 859 lbs / 390 kg
Recommended HP 90 hp / 67 kw
Maximum HP 115 hp / 85,8 kw
Shaft length 25’’ / 63,5cm
Fuel Built-In Tanks 32 gal / 120 lt - EPA compliant fuel tanks, 7% reduction approx.
RDC Design Category C
Deadrise 22°

(**) Weight spec applies for models without bow locker
Add 5 kg / 11 lbs for model 11
Add 7 kg / 15 lbs for models 12-16

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