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  • Palm beach: 561-612-7076

Nautical Ventures Marine offers top quality water sports products and support along with a highly trained, experienced and caring staff that's dedicated to educating and advising our customers so as to provide an extra-ordinary buying and service experience.


Executive Team

Owner CEO
Roger Moore
Jeff Garcia
General Manager
Spencer Milligan


New Boats & Brokerage Sales Team

Rick Augusto
Eric Brandon
Fernando Castro
Danylo Koval
Alexander Marquina
Scott Mulvani
Glenn Mussel White
Yann Salez 


Yacht Tenders Sales Team

Chance Brown
Domenico Fossati
Van Roberts


Watersports Sales Team

Andrew Rapoport
Dyllan Thieme
Eric Clarck
Jon Grau
Josh Fowler
Luke Svanberg


Marketing & Online Team

Erin Carr
Bernardo Castello
Frank Ferraro
Zacharia Stratford


Administrative Team

Steve Diener
Mary Ellen
Margo Hunt
Tiffany Morris
Diego Nicolas Conti
Jennifer Ritt
Tatiana Serrato


Service Department Team

J. Diamond
Jason Ellison
Laurie MacKrell
Michael Praoline
Sean Stevenson

Boats, Tenders & Brokerage Sales Team

Bill Bartus
Rich Carbia
Maxwell Krauss
Grayson Miller


Water Sports Sales Team

Ryan Jones
Marcelo Torres
Stephen Wigal


Administrative Team

Suzy Mason
Alexis Torres


Dry Storage / Fuel Dock / Service

Tom bell
Robert Kijanka
Mike Parramore
Nate Schneider

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