Torqeedo electric engines set out to make a high-performance electric outboard propulsion system to combat the increasing restrictions on combustable engines. They offer ultra-low emissions that environmentally conscious outdoor fanatics love. Their popular Cruise outboards combine efficiency with performance.

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Increasingly, there are significant restrictions on operating combustion engines on more and more waterways. This led Torqeedo to lead the charge to develop state-of-the-art electric propulsion and drive systems. Boating without impacting the environment or compromising on performance is what Torqeedo marine, electric outboards is all about. Torqeedo offers boat drivers powerful electric outboards in the Travel and Cruise series, with up to 20 HP. Deep Blue, the first high-performance electric drive system for motor boats for industrial production, provides even more power and is available as inboard and outboard.

For kayakers, the ideal motor should be light, efficient and durable. The fast and powerful Torqeedo Ultralight takes you to remote fishing grounds and provides excellent maneuverability. Leading kayak brands such as Hobie and Wilderness rely on Torqeedo. The on-board computer with GPS and accessories such as solar charging panels and the TorcTrac smartphone app turn the lightest Torqeedo into a versatile companion on the water.If your business depends on boats, Torqeedo combines professional engineering with industrial series production to create reliable, fully integrated, standards-compliant high-tech systems at reasonable costs. Long-term capacity warranties turn the switch to electric boat drives into a decision that pays off. Torqeedo offers inboards, outboards and hybrid drives for ferries and water taxis, work boats, excursion boats for cruise ships, charter and rental business.


Electric Inboard –
Deep Blue for Boats with Direct Drive

Deep Blue: the first high-power propulsion system in serial production. A fully integrated system in which all components are designed to match each other seamlessly and to work together perfectly on the water. An overall concept that is unique in terms of safety, performance and range.

At Nautical Ventures you can count on excellent service and fast shipping. Order your Torqeedo outboards today. We appreciate your business and look forward to your return. Nautical Ventures is your official Torqeedo outboard motor engines headquarters for South Florida. We’ve been helping boaters in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Dania Beach and Palm Beach stay on the water with trouble-free enjoyment for over 30 years.


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