A four stroke of genius.

As the world’s first 25 HP outboard motor designed with Lean Burn and Battery-Less Electronic Fuel Injection, the DF25A EFI knows a little something about exceeding expectations. An ultra-light, smooth running “Next Generation” portable four stroke outboard, it delivers quick starts, great acceleration, unparalleled performance and superior fuel economy.

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Lighter and stronger.

True to our reputation for building lightweight marine outboard motors, the DF25A EFI is not only packed with some of our finest technology, but also the lightest outboard available in the 18.4kW (25PS) four-stroke outboard class.

Be good to the environment and your wallet.

Our Lean Burn intelligent fuel management system predicts fuel needs by monitoring engine performance and operating conditions to deliver a leaner fuel mixture to the engine. The result: less emissions and remarkably improved fuel economy.

Off center. On the ball.

By positioning the crankshaft slightly off center of the cylinder, we’ve reduced the lateral pressure against the cylinder wall as the piston moves up and down, so you can enjoy smoother piston movement and improved operating efficiency.

Fueled by innovation.

Our Battery-Less Electronic Fuel Injection System fits perfectly in the Suzuki DF25A EFI without adding any unnecessary bulk or weight. What’s more? Despite being battery-less, it offers more acceleration, quicker starts and smoother operation in any condition.

Ready when you are.

Fuel injection delivers easier starts, but we’ve taken it a step further and incorporated a very light recoil starter too. Requiring less pull strength, our Easy Start Recoil Starter makes starting your Suzuki outboard quick and easy.


Recommended Transom Height (inches)
S:15" L:20"
Starting System
Manual S /Electric S and L
Weight LBS
Manual S: 136.6 / Electric S: 143 - Electric, Tiller, Power Trim and Tilt L: 163
Engine Type
SOHC 4-Valve
Fuel Delivery System
Suzuki Battery-less Electronic Fuel Injection with Lean Burn Control
No. Of Cylinders
Piston Displacement inches (cc)
29.8 (489)
Bore X Stroke Inches (mm)
2.80 x 2.68
Maximum Output HP
Operating Range (RPM)
5000 - 6000
N/A - Suzuki Electronic Fuel Injection
Oil Pan Capacity quarts (liter)
1.6 (1.5)
Ignition System
Digital CDI
Manual 12V 14A / Electric 12V 14A
Trim Position
5 Tilt Pin Positions - Manual / Power Tilt and Trim
Gear Ratio
Standard Propeller
3 x 9.25 x 10
Propeller Selection
7 - 11
Additional Information:

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