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Cabin cruisers are the ideal combination of form and function on the water. Finding the right cabin cruiser for sale in Florida thus depends on comparing an extensive range of options, with sizes ranging 10–100 feet, a tremendous amount of power, and style and cabin options galore.

Looking for the best cabin cruiser boats can be a challenge in South Florida, where the options are almost too good to narrow it down! Here, your friendly boating experts at Nautical Ventures are here to help you find just the right cabin cruiser for sale in Florida, based on your personal boating ideals.

Who Makes the Best Cabin Cruiser Brands & Models?

While "best" is almost entirely subjective, we can say with certainty that the following cabin cruisers have been some of the most well-loved and reliable among South Florida boating communities:


Their commanding flybridges and attractive sport boat style make Fairline cabin cruisers almost impossible not to behold – and all the more, raise anchor and go. Consider which features are most important to you in comparing our most popular Fairline cruisers:

  • F-Line 33 provides incredible speeds thanks to its advantageous power-to-weight ratio, especially for a sports-recreation cruiser of this magnitude.
  • Targa 45, 50, and 65 which provide the same sports performance as the F-Line, plus extended amenities for extended ocean sojourns.
  • Squadron 50, 58, and 68 feature an innovative canopy-style flybridge, plus all the interior meal prep and entertaining space you could ask for.
  • Phantom 65 features an unparalleled balance of size and performance, with an ultraslim hull for absolute minimal drag, plus a cozy yet wide open cabin seating area and lower private amenities.


One of the absolute finest in sports-boating performance, Windy reminds the boating community just why we call it a cruiser, while also honing the edge on luxury and style.

  • SR44 SX, providing a sleek, agile form and hairpin handling, the SR44 SX is the perfect luxury picnicking option whenever it's not hurling endless wind through your hair.
  • SR28 CC, featuring a softer, more elegant aesthetic than the SR 44 (and without the private quarters), the SR28 CC is absolutely no less performance oriented.
  • Camira 40 SX, with enough sporty pickup and comfort to sate the most discerning cruiser enthusiast's taste for adventure.

Compare Nautical Adventures' High-End Pre-Owned Cabin Cruisers

Once you have a greater idea of what's available from high-end models, you can expand your search for the perfect cabin cruiser for sale in Florida by also looking at the pre-owned market. Because our clientele consists of detail-oriented boating enthusiasts themselves, you can rest assured of only the most dependable range of new or like-new cabin cruisers available.

Cabin Cruisers: The Perfect Choice for South Florida's World-Class Coastline

Modern cruisers feature an astonishing array of performance features and passenger amenities alike, ranging from luxuriating private spaces and dynamic deck layouts to a massive range of horsepower, seating arrangements, and recreation options. You can also take your pick of more sporty designs or cruisers meant for hosting and relaxation – complete with overnight amenities, entertainment areas, and interior climate controls.

End Your Search for the Perfect Cruiser With Nautical Ventures

We don't call ourselves "the go-to people for fun on the water!" for nothing. With the most reliable new and used cabin cruisers for sale in Florida and endless contributions to local boating culture, you'll find nothing less than total support in your search for the right cabin cruiser for sale in Florida!

Contact us for any questions about our ever-changing inventory – and don't hesitate to schedule a test drive on the next cabin cruiser that catches your eye.

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