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If you're searching for high quality pontoon boats for sale throughout Florida, your best bet is consolidating your search into a single source of the most reliable new and used pontoon boats for sale in Florida.

Nautical Ventures is committed to personalized and extraordinary buying experiences, so you don't need to cast a wide net to find top-quality products from South Florida's most reputable boating and water sports experts.

Were you trying to find the perfect pontoon for your watercraft recreation needs? Here's exactly what you need to know.


Where to Begin: The Top Pontoon Boat Brands & Models

Rather than learn the ins and outs of each pontoon boat you come across, start with some of the most reliable models. That will tell you what design features are most important and guide your search accordingly. At Nautical Ventures, we consider the following brands of the highest caliber.


Starcraft Pontoon Boats


Designed for an ideal balance of comfort and performance, Starcraft pontoons come equipped with more than enough power, spacious and inviting floor plans and a generous cargo room. Some of our top-selling Starcraft pontoons include:

  • RX Series, including the Q DC models that come in 23 and 25-inch diameter lightweight aluminum tubes/hulls.
  • CX Series, particularly the 25 DL BAR, which fits 14 people and has room to spare!
  • SLS Series, including the ever-affordable SLS 1 and 3, which offer less drag, more speed, and tighter turns.
  • EX Series (especially the 22 and 24 models), marked by greater floorplan variety.
  • LX Series, featuring an extensive range of sizes, in lengths ranging from 16 to 22 ft.


Sunchaser Pontoon Boats

Renowned for their craftsmanship and style, Sunchaser pontoons offer equal parts sports performance and luxury. Sunchaser makes some of our most consistently popular lines of pontoons, particularly:

  • Geneva Sport 25, featuring 300 HP of raw power with a veritable living room feel.
  • Geneva Cruise 22 SB, which has a more open layout than even most larger pontoons.
  • Eclipse – including the Eclipse 8523 LR DH, 8523 Fish, and 8523 SSB – features extended hulls and elevated platforms, achieving optimal sightlines and comfort.


Veranda Pontoon Boats

Known for their patented all-aluminum, all-welded interlocking decks to reduce corrosion and maximize longevity, even on turbulent waters. Our Veranda models are exceptionally stylish and available in bi-toon and tri-toon designs, including:

  • RELAX VR25RFL, which (true to its name) brings luxury pontoons to a whole new level.
  • Vista 22RC makes the same comfort and robust build quality available at an even more accessible price point.


The Highest-Quality Pre-Owned Pontoons From Nautical Ventures

We only sell the most reliable and professionally upkept pre-owned pontoons in the entire Southeast Florida area. Our inventory is constantly changing because we offer the best trade-in values in the market. Nautical Ventures' knowledgeable pontoon experts are always available to show you our pre-owned pontoon options based specifically on your boating needs.


Selecting a Pontoon Boat for the Intracoastal Waters

Pontoons are an ideal solution for the intracoastal Florida waters. They're large enough to handle changing conditions as waterways transition, then just as comfortable in the calm, hidden alcoves where you'll sit back and realize just how comfortable your pontoon is. The same dynamic also makes pontoons excellent for fishing.

We recommend honing your search for the best pontoon boats for sale in Florida according to the following parameters, depending on which pontoon features are most important to you:

  • Performance, speed, and handling
  • Passenger and cargo space
  • Comfort and luxury
  • Views, sightlines, and seating arrangements
  • Functional amenities, such as tables, drink holders, retractable covers, and lighting
  • Ease of maintenance, taking into account dealer and factory warranty options


Visit Nautical Ventures and Schedule a Test Drive Today!

Pontoons are one of the most well-balanced boat designs, delivering all the functions boating enthusiasts want most in a single easy-transport craft. They also support a variety of customization options, making it incredibly easy to fine-tune your experience.

Don't let your quest for the perfect pontoon boats for sale in Florida be any harder than it has to be. For any questions about our current pontoon inventory, visit us or contact Nautical Ventures – the go-to people for fun on the water!

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