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No matter what kind of boat you’re looking for, you can buy it at Nautical Ventures. Our boat dealerships have helped people in Miami, Sarasota, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Riviera Beach, Stuart, Tampa Bay and all of South Florida buy boats for all their needs. We can help you find top-of-the-line boats from more than 8 of the most beloved manufacturers in the industry.

  • Axopar Boats - These boats have a sleek European design that looks great and provides for a high-quality ride. The ride is smooth and efficient, and the amenities on board will keep you comfortable. View Axopar Boats
  • Alfastreet Marine - These unique electric boats are designed to run for a long time with minimal upkeep, and look great doing it. View Alfastreet Marine Boats
  • Beneteau Antares - These boats can handle it all: long rides, watersports, and fishing trips. Their roomy interiors will keep you comfortable through it all. View Beneteau Antares Boats
  • Beneteau Flyer - The Flyer is a distillation of technology with a choice of two different deck plans, the SPACEdeck and SUNdeck. With spacious models between 23 and 32 feet, they are undoubtedly an achievement in design and fun. View Beneteau Flyer Boats
  • De Antonio Yachts - De Antonio’s line of hidden outboard powered boats are tailored to fit your boating lifestyle, unlike anything else on the water today. View De Antonio Yachts
  • Crownline Boats - The perfect blend between form and function, Crownline Boats features an industry leading hull design with their F.A.S.T. Tab Hull. View Crownline Boats
  • Brabus Boats - The Brabus brand uses the finest materials, cutting-edge technologies, and bespoke engineering. Each design is crafted by an expert craftsman who handcrafts each boat in the series to be glamorous and perform well. View Brabus Boats
  • Fairline Yachts - Founded on 60-years of British craftsmanship, Fairline Yachts encompass power, performance and comfort. Italian yacht designer Alberto Mancini combines contemporary style with outstanding seakeeping qualities. Fairline’s reputation for making class-leading, iconic hand-built motor yachts is world renowned. With their long-standing world-recognition for its award-winning range of designs, the future of Fairline embraces advances in both technology and style. View Fairline Yachts
  • Tidewater - When you own a Tidewater, you also own the confidence that goes with it. Whether taking friends to a secret fishing hole, riding out to watch the sunset, or running offshore until the water turns blue, you will have the confidence for years of dependable boating. View Tidewater Boats
  • StarCraft - Winner of the prestigious NMMA CSI award, along with a Lifetime +6 Warranty, makes Starcraft Boats a popular choice with our customers. Built to the most exacting standards, all the elements add up to a boat that you’ll be proud to own and drive. View StarCraft Boats
  • Sailfish Boats - For over 30 years, Sailfish has expertly engineered and masterfully crafted their premium lineup of fishing boats. Sailfish Boats are designed by anglers, and are equipped with more standard features to withstand the rigors of inshore and offshore fishing environments. View Sailfish Boats
  • Bluewater Boats - At Bluewater, balance is the paramount design consideration. Applying his yacht-design background, Paul has created the best-balanced designs found in this class of boats. His innovative techniques of weight distribution permit Bluewater consoles to be farther forward than almost any other center console designs, meaning our boats have a bigger cockpit for fishing, diving and other activities than you’ll find in boats of similar length. View Bluewater Boats
  • Electric Boats - Electric boats have become a very impressive addition to the industry over the last few years, providing high-performance boats and an incredibly sleek design. That is why Nautical Ventures works with the best electric boat brands, to offer you variety and quality. View Electric Boats
  • Windy Boats - Drawing on five decades of outstanding boatbuilding and centuries of Scandinavian seafaring tradition, every Windy Boat carries the trademark of uncompromising craftsmanship. View Windy Boats
  • X Shore - High-performance all-electric boats made by X Shore are revolutionizing and driving the boating industry toward a post-fossil fuel future. The boats are the culmination of cutting-edge technology, Swedish marine craftsmanship, and Scandinavian design that melds with nature. View X Shore Boats

Why Choose Nautical Ventures for Your Next Boat

There are many good reasons to shop at Nautical Ventures first when you’re looking for your next boat. First and foremost is our excellent selection. We only carry products from the best, most reliable manufacturers in the industry. We also offer convenience thanks to our locations near Miami, Sarasota, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Riviera Beach, Stuart and Tampa Bay. We’re easy to access from all over South Florida, and when you arrive you’ll be greeted by our knowledgeable and friendly staff.

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