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Sailfish is known for making some of the best fishing boats for sale in South Florida. Innovative designers have found a way to make fine-tuned boats for an unbeatable fishing experience without sacrificing too many of the features you want for other activities with family and friends. When you take a break from looking for the fish of a lifetime, you’ll be able to enjoy relaxing cruises or exciting watersports. Like our own team at Nautical Ventures Marine Supercenter, Sailfish Boats has more than 30 years of experience crafting beautiful vessels to deliver memorable experiences.

Sailfish Boats

The Sailfish brand defines itself as being both fishing focused and family-friendly. Their engineers even think of features in those two categories to make sure there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Those who spend most of their time searching for their next great catch will appreciate the following:

  • Built-in rod holders and gunwale storage
  • Dash space for all of your technology
  • Convenient places to put tools
  • Safety and comfort features for a relaxing experience and peace of mind
  • Flexible seating options
  • Fabrics and surfaces that facilitate cleaning
  • Exclusive hull designs that perform in many situations

When it’s time to make the switch to family time, the following features will help you see an entirely different side of your Sailfish fishing boat:

  • Simple boarding ladder
  • Shade coverings to maximize comfort
  • Spacious layouts for dining and other activities
  • Telescoping ski pole for water sports
  • Seating in the bow with space to lounge
  • Cup holders in convenient locations
  • High sides for a safe and dry ride
  • Head compartments designed for comfort and convenience

Types of Sailfish Boats

Based on the features that appeal to you from the list above, you’ll be able to identify which of the Sailfish fishing boats for sale are most appropriate for your lifestyle. These boats come at a number of price points to meet your budget, and you can find boat lengths as long as 36 feet or as short as 19 feet. Take control of the layout by deciding between a center console boat, dual console boat, walkaround boat, or bay boat.


Center Console
Fishing Boats

High gunwales and 360° access make the Sailfish Boats center console layout a useful tool for serious fishing. You’ll stay dry and secure while sitting at the removable bow table, and your electronics will be safe at the charging station. Add a freshwater sink and other convenient features to extend your outings without sacrificing comfort.


220 CC


241 CC


242 CC


272 CC


290 CC


320 CC


360 CC


Dual Console
Fishing Boats

The Sailfish Boats dual console design is ideal for anglers who like to lounge in the sun and bask in the afterglow of a successful catch. Deposit your fish into the in-floor fish box and live well and relax for a while before heading back to dry land. If the weather is less than perfect, you may be more comfortable in a wide cockpit as you cut through rough waters.


245 DC


276 DC


316 DC


Fishing Boats

If you can’t decide between a center console boat and a cuddy, Sailfish Boats will meet you in the middle with a walkaround boat. Get protection from the weather with a cabin that provides some shelter from the elements, while the forward walkaround is spacious enough to keep you safe while you’re focused on any number of activities.


220 WAC


Fishing Boats for Sale

Here at Nautical Ventures Marine Superstore, we’re the go-to people for fun on the water. We have a large selection of Sailfish fishing boats for sale in addition to many other types of vessels. Our staff has 30 years of experience helping residents of South Florida buy boats that fit their lifestyles. Just talk to a member of our team about what you’re looking for, and we’ll help identify the most appropriate Sailfish boat that meets your needs and your budget.

We’ll accommodate your fishing style, the boating activities you like to do with your family, and the aesthetic appeal you’re after. We can even talk about the options and extra equipment you might want to maximize your enjoyment of fishing gear and state of the art technology. When you’re looking for something specific, Nautical Ventures Marine Supercenter can work with you to prepare the best fishing boat for your exact requirements. Our team is dedicated to educating and advising our customers. By understanding your wants and needs we can provide you with a personalized and extra-ordinary buying experience. Visit us and find out for yourself why we are known as “the go-to people for fun on the water.”

We’re proud to showcase Sailfish Boats at all of our Florida showrooms, including: Dania Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Sarasota, and Tampa Bay.

Where to Buy Sailfish Boats

When you want to find a great fishing boat from Sailfish Boats, you can find it at Nautical Ventures Marine Center. Our team works hard to offer the best vessels for any given situation, and these particular boats are worth a look from anyone who loves to fish. Sailfish Boats is as good at making boats with a focus on both fishing and family fun as any boatmaker we’ve seen in our 30 years of experience serving South Florida. Whether you decide on one of these models or something else, we’ll help with every step of the process when you’re ready to buy a boat.

Every vessel from Sailfish Boats is ready for a superior fishing experience, and you can outfit it to match your exact style. When you start looking at one of these boats, you’ll be able to envision exactly how it will hold all of your fishing supplies and technology. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Sailfish Boats and how we can prepare one for you. Better yet, visit us in South Florida and see these fishing boats for sale in person.


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