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X Shore creates high performance all-electric powered boats that are changing and charging the boat industry for a fossil free tomorrow. The boats are a result of Scandinavian design that blends with nature, Swedish maritime craftsmanship, innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology. If you're in the market for a fantastic new electric boat, Nautical Ventures is the place to go. Get in touch with our team today or visit one of our locations in South Florida to explore X Shore boats for sale.

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Built for a fossile-free tomorrow

Sustainability is at the heart of everything X Shore does. From the boat's efficient electric motors, batteries and materials used to design and construction.

First-class technology

All boats are equipped with first-class technology and a powerful electric drivetrain to create the perfect electric boats. And a whole new boating experience.

Scandinavian design

Inspired by Swedish nature the boats are designed to blend in with their surroundings. The modular and functional designs enable a wide range of boating experiences and activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do X Shore boats compare to combustion motorboats?

X Shore boats are almost completely silent, easy to maintain and with zero exhaust emissions. They are also extremely user friendly and basically impossible to steal (since there is no outboard motor to take off). On top of that, the operating costs are significantly lower for electrical boats. And just like electrical cars, the strong acceleration gives you great driving pleasure.

What maintenance is required?

Our boats are built with open design and easy-care materials, which combined with the electric engine means that maintenance elements are limited compared to traditional diesel/ petrol motorboats. A simple maintenance guide can be found in the boat manual, including guidance on cleaning and straight-forward maintenance check-ups to keep the boat at its best.

How much emissions can I save by using an X Shore boat?

An electric boat produces zero exhaust emissions, so it causes zero pollution in the air and water when out at sea. Which is great for the environment, and it also lets you breathe in the fresh ocean air instead of fumes.
The emissions caused by the production of the electricity used to charge your boat will vary depending on what type of electricity it is. Renewable electricity sources, such as solar, wind and hydropower, produce minimal carbon emissions. If charged with the EU electricity mix, Eelex 8000 saves approximately 2 metric tons of CO2 emissions during a typical season of 50 hours on the water, compared to a high-performance ICE boat. Which is equivalent to approximately 80 trees planted.

How long can I use the Eelex 8000 on a single charge?

It depends on factors such as weather conditions and how fast you’re driving. Let’s say you wake up on a sunny morning to a fully charged boat. If you decide you want to enjoy a calm day cruising around in slower speeds, you can go for more than 20 hours. If you want to take your friends out and show off the capacity of your new electrical X Shore boat, you can go for cruising speed in one and a half hour.

What’s the max range? How far can you go at cruising speeds?

Eelex 8000 has a max range of 100 NM at lower speed, X Shore 1 has a max range of 50 NM at lower speed. At cruising speed, you can go more then 20 NM (depending on weather conditions) on a charge from 100% to 10%. When you reach 10% you go into limp mode, which means you can’t drive the boat faster than 6 knots. This is to make sure you always have enough power to reach a charging point

When will electric boats improve their range?

We can’t give you an exact answer to when the boats will improve their (already good) range, although we’re constantly looking for ways to improve and optimize our product to make X Shore boats as efficient as possible.
But, if you’re wondering if the range of X Shore boats will be enough for you, it probably is. Statistics https://www.skipperi.se/loggbok/tillstandet-i-nordiska-batlivet-2022show that the average Nordic boat trip is 17 NM, and the average speed over a season is 8 knots (source: Skipperi). Let us translate this into X Shore reality; With an Eelex 8000 you can go at full speed and still make it 15 NM. And driving in 8 knots you use very little energy, which means you would be able to reach almost 100 NM at that speed.

How fast can I drive an X Shore boat? Is that speed electronically limited, or is that her maximum possible speed?

You can practically drive your electrical X Shore boat just as fast as you can drive a regular motorboat. X Shore boats have a top speed of 30 knots, which translates to 40 miles, or 55 km, per hour. This is an optimization we’ve made to ensure high performance for all usage of the boat.

Are X Shores boats completely silent?

The motor is completely silent, yes! When travelling at lower speeds, such as when entering or leaving the harbor, you will not be able to hear if the motor is on or not. When reaching higher speeds, you will hear the friction from the wind and waves, just as you would on a sailing boat. This makes it possible to enjoy the nature in a peaceful and respectful way, as well as talking to each other without having to yell. The aft seating area is therefore very enjoyable during voyaging compared to a traditional 8m powerboat with vibration, noise and smell.

How many people can an X Shore boat take underway?

Eelex 8000 is CE certified for 10 people. X Shore 1 is CE certified for 5 people.

Can I water-ski or wakeboard behind an X Shore boat?

Of course! All X Shore boats are designed to be a social boat you can use for all your water activities. The carbon fiber structure of the roof of Eelex 8000 is extremely strong and equipped with a tow hook so you can easily attach the wire and wakeboard away!

Can I use X Shores boats in salt water?

Absolutely, you can use our boats in any type of water.

What do I need to think about when it comes to winter storage?

A simple, complete winter storage guide can be found in the boat manual. Worth noting is that storage temperature should be between 0 and 25 degrees Celsius and that the boat should be stored in a dry place. We recommend that battery state of charge is checked every month and is kept between 25% and 35% during storage.

How do I charge X Shore electrical boats? Can I charge via shore power and if so, what amperage is needed?

To make it easy for you to charge your boat, we’ve designed it to be compatible with all kinds of different grade sockets. Which means you can charge your X Shore boat in almost all sockets out there. Juice Booster 2 is our mobile charging station with a power output of up to 22kW. It supplies charging in the smallest and safest mobile format and is suitable for use in -25 to +45 °C degree weather. You can plug it in to almost any power outlet or harbor. On standard outlet charging you can charge everything from 0-22 kW with a type 2 charger (European standard) and 1-7 kW with a type 1 charger (North American standard). It’s also possible to charge it with a fast charger, which means that you can DC charge the boat up to 85 kW.

How long does an X Shore boat take to charge?

It depends on what type of charger you use. Let’s say you plug in an X Shore boat into a regular 230V outlet overnight, this would give you enough power for your next day boat activities. To get a faster charge you can connect your Juice Booster to a three phase socket, found in most marinas nowadays, and this would charge your Eelex 8000 from 20% to 80% in 3 hours. Or, if you have access to a fast charger you’ll be able to go from 20% to 80% in just one hour. If you want to calculate the estimated time it would take for you to get a full charge, you simply divide the battery capacity (63 kWh/126 kWh) with the power output of your charger (kW).

What charging capabilities are typically available in marinas and smaller harbors?

Today, most marinas and many smaller harbors offer charging possibilities. Most common is standard outlet charging, but some harbors also offer fast charging. The availability of fast chargers along the coast and in the archipelago is still quite limited, but as more electric boats enter the market, the electrical infrastructure at sea will grow as well.

What is the cost for a full charge?

The short answer is that it’s always way cheaper than a regular tank of petrol. The long answer is that it depends on the location and the current kWh price. Our dual lithium boat batteries can store 126 kWh. So, to calculate the approximate cost for a full charge you take the current kWh price in your area and multiply it by 126.

Electricity and water don’t mix...what makes X Shore boats safe?

It’s reasonable to have safety concerns regarding new technologies such as electric boats. However the fact is that you can feel as safe at sea on your X Shore boat as on a traditional combustion motorboat. All X Shore boats have been tested in rough conditions in the Nordic seas, and they operate safely. All electrical systems and batteries in the boat are fully insulated and constantly monitored to ensure a safe and stress-free boat experience. The battery pack used in X Shore boats is KBP63, which has the protection classification IP67 and IP6K9K. The battery pack is also stored inside a 'puncture-resistant shell' and is certified for use in marine applications in line with international accredited standards (DNV GL). Nowadays, almost all electric vehicle batteries are fully insulated. Just as you can feel safe driving an electric car through a rainstorm, you can rely on the watertight and heavily reinforced protection of the electrical systems and batteries on our boats.

What do I do if the battery runs out at sea? Is there a roll-on/roll-off emergency battery option, or gas or diesel back-up generator?

Running out of power at sea is very unlikely. Contrary to a combustion motorboat, X Shore boats will automatically go into “power saving mode” when reaching 10% battery capacity. This means the boat will go at reduced speed of 6-7 knots to enable you to get to a charging point safely. There is no roll-on/roll-off emergency battery or diesel back-up generator.

What batteries are used in X Shore boats?

Dual lithium boat batteries from Kreisel.

How are your batteries produced? Isn’t battery production harmful to the environment and/or people?

Kreisel is based in Austria and source many of the components for the batteries from their region and neighboring countries. Austria has one of Europe's greenest energy mixes and Kreisel use solar panels as well as heat recovery to reduce production emissions. The battery cells are mainly sourced from Asia, from a well-established supplier that is signed up to responsible sourcing standards. We are working closely with Kreisel to gain traceability of key components, map the environmental footprint and take actions to reduce it. We will share updates as we progress this work.

How powerful are the batteries? What is the equivalent power in AA batteries?

Our dual lithium boat batteries can store 126 kWh. A regular AA battery has a capacity of 0.025 kWh. This means that you’d need 50400 AA batteries to reach 126 kWh, that’s a lot of batteries!

Where are the X Shore boats made?

The boats are designed and manufactured in Sweden. Our HQ is located in Stockholm and our factory is located in Nyköping, one hour south of Stockholm.

How long is the battery and motor warranty?

3 years

Does the purchase include service? If not, who can do the service or repair?

No service is included, but if you would experience any trouble with the software or other components of the boat, you can always turn to us and we will help you. If an accident was to happen, inflicting damage to the hardware, practically any repair shop will be able to fix it. If you have any questions regarding repairs, you can contact us, we are happy to help and recommend who you can turn to for service or repair.

Do you offer an extended warranty or seaside assistance package?

No we don’t, but we’re always open to help or recommend whom to contact when in need for assistance. Here is our contact information.

How does the screen work?

The center console has a screen that helps with everything onboard, such as navigating, monitoring, and steering different functions of the boat.

Is there an X Shore app?

3 years

Does the purchase include service? If not, who can do the service or repair?

Yes, the app is available for you to download after you purchased the boat. What is the X Shore captain’s watch? You can buy your own X Shore captain’s watch that can be used as a remote key to unlock the boat. It also works as a “person over board” detector and will stop the boat if the captain falls over board. It is a high performing smart watch with all the functions you’d expect.

Why do you use cork on the deck?

Mainly because it’s a more sustainable option to the otherwise typically offered teak, but also because of the many benefits of the material suitability for boats. Compared to wooden floors, cork offers a soft feel and doesn’t get very hot on a sunny day. Which makes walking barefoot on the boat so much more pleasant. And apart from the natural aesthetic appeal of the material, cork also offers durability, traction, sound proofing, elasticity, compressibility, and insulation – while still being easy to maintain.

What makes the cork a sustainable option and where does the cork come from?

The cork used on X Shore boats is harvested in Portugal, in accordance with the strict European environmental regulations. The cork-oak is one of the most unique ecological systems in the world, contributing to biodiversity and CO2 absorption. (While teak can cause issues of high eco-cost of tropical deforestation.)

How durable is the cork and what happens if I damage the cork?

We recommend coating the cork with Osmo hardwax oil to improve the durability, but this is optional. In case of minor damage such as dents we recommend mixing cork granules with glue and then fill in the gaps. In case of larger damage, we would recommend patching it up.

What materials are used for the hull?

We use a combination of glass fiber and carbon fiber to balance weight, performance and environmental impact. The hulls are built in a sandwich construction, which is beneficial in terms of stiffness and weight. We currently use hulls produced through vacuum injection. We are continuously working on reducing the weight and environmental impact of our hulls, as well as the rest of the boat. We are moving to in-house hull production at our factory in Nyköping, where the hulls will be produced with an industry leading method, so called pre-preg, that enables us to use a resin binder (rather than styrene-based vinyl ester), as well as to use significantly less plastic than in common composite hulls. Our in-house hull production will be fully up and running as of January 2023. Until then, Read more about our sustainability goals here: https://xshore.com/sustainability

What modules are available?

For Eelex 8000 there are about 15 different ways to combine your modules. You can opt for a social module, with sofa and table that converts to a sun bed. There is a forward sun bed with ample storage and possibility to hold a porta potty. You can also opt for diving modules and fishing modules. The modularity makes the boat fit for any occasion. You can easily swap from one module to another depending on what you want to use the boat for on that day. X Shore 1 is available in two different versions Open and Top, available in three specifications: Utility, Performance and Premium

Does the boat have solar panels? Why not, and could I buy them as an upgrade?

Currently no. A typical solar panel generates at best 400 W, which means it would take 315 hours of decent sunlight to fully charge the boat. Therefore, we don’t consider its effect efficient enough to prioritize as an option for now.

X Shore boat specifications

Eelex 8000

  • Length: 8m / 26.2 ft
  • Width: 2.6 m / 8.5 ft
  • Depth: 0.8 m / 2.6 ft
  • Weight: 2,600 kg / 5,730 lbs
  • Top Speed: 30 Knots
  • Cruising speed: 20 Knots
  • Range: 100 NM at lower speeds

X Shore 1

  • Model: Open, Top
  • Length: 6.5 m / 21 ft
  • Beam: 2.23 m / 7.3 ft
  • Depth: 0.65 m / 2.13 ft
  • Height: 1.66 m / 5.4 ft 1.66m inkl | 2.19 m / 7.18 ft
  • Weight: 1.7 Ton | 1.77 Ton
  • Electrical Motor: 125 kWh
  • Top Speed: 30 Knots
  • Cruising speed: 20 Knots
  • Battery Capacity: 63 kWh
  • Range: 50 NM at lower speeds
  • Charging: 20-80% 1.5 hours (22kW) / 4.6 hours (7.3kW) / Fast Charging 50 min (45kW)
  • Display: Large touch screen

Where can I buy an X Shore?

You can buy directly from us or find your nearest X Shore retailer here.

How long is the estimated delivery time?

The delivery time of your boat will depend on what features, add-ons and modules you choose. You order confirmation will specify the estimated delivery date. You can contact us for discussion regarding your preferred delivery date.

How much does an X Shore boat cost?

Eelex 8000

  • From €249,000 excluding VAT and shipping.
  • From $329,000 excluding VAT, including US configuration, overseas shipping and import taxes (local taxes and fees may apply).

X Shore 1



  • From €99,000 excluding VAT and shipping.
  • From $139,000 excluding VAT, including US configuration, overseas shipping and import taxes (local taxes and fees may apply).


  • From €109,000 excluding VAT and shipping.
  • From $149,750 excluding VAT, including US configuration, overseas shipping and import taxes (local taxes and fees may apply).

Since you can customize the boat to your pleasure and needs, your total price will depend on the choices you make in our configurator. Non-US boats are sold ex-works at the X Shore factory in Nyköping, Sweden. We are happy to support with recommendations on shipping partners if desired.

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