Our Favorite Inflatable Docks & Floating Cabanas

Published February 19th, 2024 by Bernardo

One of the best ways to take your water recreation to the next level is to take it with you! 

At Nautical Ventures, we're always finding new ways to share the joy of South Florida water sports and lounging—and it doesn't always require a yacht or other serious watercraft. Of course, an inflatable dock or floating cabana is right at home in a variety of places, as we'll explore below.

Whether you're looking to create a stable surface near shore or to anchor additional rec space to an open-ocean vessel, the portable AquaBana Cabana and NautiBuoy inflatable dock are the perfect way to stay comfortable with your guests and enjoy the water on your terms.

Photo credit Joey Wright

What are Floating Cabanas?

Somewhere between a floating gazebo and an open-air clubhouse, the charming AquaBana floating Cabana redefines all-ages water entertainment. Based on a simple and efficient design, the AquaBana "Bana" provides comfortable seating for approximately 6–8, with an inflatable table and several overhang options with varying degrees of shade. It's also possible to remove the overhang entirely when you aim to soak in as much sun as the water.

The AquaBana also features several convenient internal openings where you can dip your legs into the water and stay as cool as you look. A modular design makes the Bana easy to connect and deploy, including various add-ons that provide a host of customization options.

Photo credit Jim Raycroft

What are Inflatable Docks?

The equally versatile NautiBuoy inflatable docks are as user-friendly as they are elegant. Fill the ballast bags at each corner and inflate the raft-like structures in about 1–3 minutes. That's all it takes to form a stable surface on your water body of choice—fit for lounging in the sun as your worries drift away.

A non-skid surface won't let you down, and a series of multiplatform mounts allow you to secure a variety of accessories. The ballast designs are the result of meticulous testing, and they can hold the inflatable dock stable even under choppy conditions.
Thanks to NautiBuoy's drop-stitch core and double-layer material, it has the strength and durability needed for heavy long-term use. You can also connect a series of inflatable docks to form a veritable boardwalk on demand!
It's also easy to deflate when the day spent lounging on your comfortable insta-platform draws to a close. Dump each ballast, release the air toggles, and stow the lightweight inflatable dock until the next excuse for a water-side get-together arises.

Should I Buy a Floating Cabana or an Inflatable Dock?

That's a hard choice, and it depends on your lifestyle. The floating cabana is more conducive to keeping the gang afloat wherever the waves take you. At the same time, an inflatable dock is more suited for anchoring a boat or a structure along the shoreline.

Floating cabanas are also unique in that they keep guests close together in true meet-and-greet fashion. They're excellent for spending quality time and conversing with your confidants over a drink or a game of cards. Of course, inflatable docks support an equally robust social life, and their open format makes it easier to play, dive, and dry off on an inflatable lounge chair.

The choice, of course, is all yours! We recommend reflecting on whether your social routine typically involves meet and greets—in which case, go with the floating cabana. If, instead, you prefer setting up camp with little more than a towel or lounge chair, with good company or a good book, an inflatable dock might be more suitable.

Floating Cabanas and Inflatable Docks Available in Florida

Both the NautiBuoy inflatable dock and the AquaBana Cabanas will serve you and your water-recreation needs in fine form. They're both easy to pack and deploy, and either are a surefire way to enhance your boat, beach, or pool-side escapades.

The crew at Nautical Ventures has gotten their fill of fun in the sun with inflatable docks and floating cabanas alike. We think it's easier to decide which option is best suited to your lifestyle by checking them out up close and personal. That's why we emphasize a try-before-you-buy approach at all our showrooms throughout South Florida.

Contact us with any questions about our NautiBuoy and AquaBana products—and don't hesitate to visit one of our Florida locations in Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa Bay, Sarasota, Stuart or the Panhandle. Your social life and water recreation will never be the same.

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