Your Guide to Buying an Electric Surfboard

Published April 9th, 2024 by Bernardo

Jet surfing is a whole new way to experience the waves. Nothing compares to the freedom and feeling of weightlessness like riding on an electric jet surfboard. Electric motors have dramatically impacted the boating world—and the same benefits are making a big splash in the world of surfing.

We at Nautical Ventures take our role as the "go-to people for fun on the water" seriously! This means we're always on the lookout for the newest technology-enhanced ways to have serious fun in South Florida. Join us as we compare electric surfboards and hydrofoils, along with the best options on the market. By the end, you'll know exactly how to select the best electric surfboard or hydrofoil for your riding style and comfort level.

Electric Surfboards vs Hydrofoils

How do electric surfboards work? While similar in form to hydrofoils, as both feature fully waterproof batteries, handheld remotes, and an overall surfboard look and feel, they feel very different on the water.

Unlike hydrofoils, an electric surfboard uses an integrated hydraulic motor to directly convert hydraulic pressure and energy into torque at the motor's jet opening (hence, jet surfing). 

Hydrofoil motors instead send their rotational force to a propeller located further under the surfboard on a fin and fixed rudder structure resembling those on boats.

It's a key difference that makes for a very different riding experience in terms of the following:

  • Handling, where a jet surfboard's power source is closer to the rider than on a hydrofoil.
  • Form, as a hydrofoil, uses a deeper lateral fin structure (where the propeller sits), whereas an electric surfboard uses a standard surfboard fin design.
  • Clearance, with electric surfboards capable of approaching closer to shore and skimming over shallower waters.
  • Speed, in which electric surfboards are potentially faster and more powerful—but this isn't always the case in a side-by-side comparison between your different options.
  • Range, where hydrofoils generally have a longer riding time, due mostly to differences in weight, speed, and power consumption rates of their respective motors.

One of the biggest differences riders immediately notice is maneuverability, again due to their very different subsurface components.

Because hydrofoils essentially use a fixed rudder with flat lateral fins at the bottom, skilled riders can actually float higher over the waves with enough practice. This also makes hydrofoils somewhat harder to learn, however (although everyone's mileage may vary). Those who've already acquired some talent for surfing will feel right at home with an electric surfboard once they acclimate to the weight and speed difference.

Top Brands of Electric Surfboards & Hydrofoils

Nautical Ventures is dedicated to supplying only the most reliable boating and water recreation equipment. We've found the following jet surfboards and hydrofoils to offer the utmost reliability and fun in the widest range of water conditions:

  • YuJet Surfer: Featuring a 16-mile range and up to 24 mph, the YuJet is the ultimate solo Sunday cruise at your favorite South Florida waters. Its durable carbon-infused intake and impeller provide endless hours exploring new coastal and inner waterways like never before, with fast and efficient charging.
  • WaveShark: The WaveShark's compact, evenly weighted form and ultra-light carbon body make it incredibly maneuverable. An innovative water cooling system and ceramic motor seal maintain the ideal operating temperature, and aircraft-grade aluminum guarantees long-term anticorrosion and overall product lifespan.
  • Fliteboard: Likened to riding a snowboard, the Fliteboard eFoil is the closest thing you'll feel to flying over the waves. It features a 90-minute riding time per charge, and an advanced battery management system (BMS) and integrated heatsink keep the electronics cool, even in summer.

Innovation and Fun Await at Nautical Ventures

Like any new sport, it's important to control your learning curve. That’s why our experts at Nautical Ventures in Florida can help you fully understand how each model functions. Unlike regular surfing and other waterboard sports, increasing your velocity is as easy as operating an ergonomic variable speed trigger as you gradually improve your balance and increase your tolerance for a thrill!

If you're looking for cutting edge in fast and fun water recreation, contact us—and depend on Nautical Ventures to take care of all your boating and personal watercraft needs.

Image Credit: Kzenon, Shutterstock

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