Top Water Toys For a Day Out On The Sandbar

Published February 4th, 2022 by Bernardo

Updated: March 2023

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Whether you're spending time on the Florida coast with your family or relaxing by the water with friends, one of the most fun things to do in the ocean is venturing out to the sandbar. Here, you'll get the best of both worlds with land-type fun in the water. If you're looking for things to do on sandbars, Nautical Ventures has a huge inventory of activities and toys to keep people of all ages entertained while they spend time on a sandbar beach.


Everyone loves big toys that blow up. Whether you want to float leisurely in the water or get adventurous with a big water slide while you spend time out on the sandbar, you're sure to find an inflatable you love at Nautical Ventures. Try out some of our most popular options.


Redefine your luxury water-lounging experience with this incredible inflatable product. Pull an Aquabanas behind your yacht for additional space or to give the ship an ultimate relaxation spot. You can also find party Aquabanas that float freely beside the sandbar so you can relax with your friend and family while enjoying a cool drink. The relaxation options are endless when it comes to the Aquabana! These are great for large parties where you need to keep many people comfortable and entertained.

Rideable Toys

Few things in life are more freeing than surfing the ways on a fun rideable toy. Here at Nautical Ventures, we have a fantastic selection of ridable toys for every skill level! Whether you prefer a smooth ride or a fast one, we have water equipment to help you make the most of your time out on the ocean. Check out a few of the products people love the most from our shop.

Seabob: The World's Fastest Underwater Scooter

If you feel the need for speed while exploring the underwater world of the ocean, Seabob is the perfect piece of equipment for you. You may have tried scuba diving as a way to stay submerged for a long time, but you can't cover much ground while wearing a bunch of scuba gear. If you want the same experience while covering more ground, try out the world's fastest underwater scooter, also known as Seabob. Capable of traveling at speeds of up to 13 miles per hour, this lightweight scooter is the perfect choice for carrying you underwater with minimal hassle. It is a lightweight machine, so you can carry it with you wherever you go in case you see something interesting under the waves.


Learn how to fly over the waves on the revolutionary electric hydro lift named the Fliteboard. The model has been upgraded for a maximum user-friendly experience that truly makes you feel as if you are flying. This incredible water toy offers up to two hours at a time of blissful flying over the waves on the Florida coast. It can reach speeds of up to 34 miles per hour and carry you more than 30 miles with every charge. Using this device is a fun, innovative way to explore the Florida coast. It offers an experience that is truly unique and unforgettable.


Nothing beats slicing through the ocean waves on a high-powered electric surfboard. Made of a durable full carbon fiber construction, the YuJet puts the fun in water sports. The high-powered battery is replaceable and designed to offer 40 minutes of wave-riding fun per charge. It also features a wireless remote that gives you complete control over speed. Start out slow while you learn the ropes and then hit speeds of up to 24 miles per hour when you're up for a challenge. Instead of having to wait for a wave to catch on a manual surfboard, you can use the YuJet to slice through waves and give you the ultimate surfing experience.

Florida's #1 Source for Water Toys

Nautical Ventures offers a unique array of water equipment to help you make the most of your time in the ocean. With multiple locations throughout Florida, we are the premier destination for all things water-related. We have all of the equipment you need to enjoy a day on the water, from tenders and ribs to inflatable docks and rafts. We also carry a huge array of inflatable and rideable toys that are sure to keep people of all ages entertained for hours. If you're interested in buying some new water toys so you can maximize your experience on the Florida coast, contact us today or visit one of our six locations to browse our inventory.

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