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Published July 8th, 2021 by Bernardo

Updated: March 2023

What You’ll Learn

As you read this review of Windy Boats, you’ll learn:

  • These boats are produced by some of the most skilled craftsmen in Norway and Poland, as they have been since 1966.
  • If you’re looking for a sports cruiser, speed boat, or other types of sports boat, Windy Boats makes some of the top options.
  • The award-winning deep v-hulls from Windy Boats have been carefully designed to provide exhilarating rides that are also dry and stable.

About Windy Boats

Windy Scandinavia AB is owned by a private holding company in Norway now, but it still stays true to its roots. The boats are built in the city of Västervik on the coast of Sweden as well as in Ostróda, Poland. In both cities, Windy has modern facilities, state-of-the-art equipment, and some of the most skilled boat makers in the world. This is where they produce the Windy Sport Series, Windy SR Series Chase Boats, and yacht tenders. Their models range from 26 feet to 60 feet, which means there’s a windy boat for almost every situation.

The reputation of this boating company is primarily built on flawless craftsmanship and quality that is second to none. Their production facilities leverage the best technology and the most modern processes available, which makes them impressive even compared to other premium European boating brands. The leaders of this company spare no expense when it comes to their pursuit of perfection, which is why they’re able to create such incredible hulls.

Windy boats take advantage of resin transfer molding that produces stronger, lighter, more fuel-efficient hulls. The deep v design of these hulls gives the boat sharp handling and incredible linear speed without sacrificing the dryness or stability of the ride. Of course, once you develop one of the best hulls mankind has ever known, it’s important to ensure that the interior lives up to that same quality. Every boat Windy produces offers hand-finished touches that combine clean, luxurious design with beautiful materials, making one memorable vessel.

History of Windy Boats

The company was started by Hugo Vold back in 1966. His father was a fisherman who regularly had to contend with some terrifying storms in the Skagerrak, which is a strait that runs between Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Hugo was always able to return home safely to his family in his boats, each of which was named “Vindy.” This name was the eventual name for the name Windy Boats.

Hugo shared the elder Vold’s passion and respect for the sea. Following his education, he was eager to start building boats, which is exactly what he did. In honor of his father’s reliable vessels, Hugo called his company Windy. This helped inspire him on his quest to create boats that were known for their quality and their reliable seaworthiness.

At this time, Scandinavian boatmakers dominated the European market, making huge advancements in the industry and introducing people to new ways to enjoy time spent on the water. Hugo Vold was able to hire the best designers, builders, and craftsmen to help him create his young brand. The commitment to quality is what helped make Windy legendary, and the company is still honoring Vold’s legacy by designing and building amazing boats 55 years later.

Types of Windy Boats

Windy’s line includes their sport cruisers, the SR line, and some yacht projects, for which the brand produces custom luxury tenders. Windy Boats knows that their customers expect the very best, so every vessel this brand sells is of the same unbeatable quality. Explore the entire range to determine which of these premier boats is the most appropriate fit for your personal requirements and lifestyle.

Windy SR Series and Yacht Tenders

Windy first entered the world of building bespoke boats back in 2009, creating small craft with the qualities of superyachts. Then, in 2010, the Windy Dubois SR52 Blackbird made such an impact on the boating world that the brand decided to dive deeper into the specialized market. Thanks to Scandinavian build quality and innovative design that draws on the experience of leading superyacht designers and naval architects, Windy now has produced boats ranging from about 23 to 78 feet.

Their luxury yacht tenders, chase boats, and limo tenders demand attention wherever they go, and they can go just about anywhere.

Windy Sport Cruisers Line

  • W27 Solano
  • W27 Solano RS
  • W29 Coho GT
  • W32 Grand Zonda
  • W32 Grand Zonda RS
  • W37 Shamal
  • W39 Camira
  • W46 Chinook

Windy SR Line

  • SR26
  • SR28
  • SR28 CC
  • SR44
  • SR44 SX
  • SR52
  • SLR/SR60

This lineup gives boat owners a wide variety of sizes and options to explore. For those who need something even more specific, windy does produce their luxury custom tenders.

Where Are Windy Boats Made?

Windy boats come from two different production facilities. One is in Västervik, a small coastal city in Sweden. Life seems deeply connected to the sea in this town, so it is the perfect place for an advanced facility like the one where these boats are produced. The second Windy production facility in Ostróda, Poland is equally modern and impressive. It’s another relatively small town that’s right on the water.

Buy Windy Boats in South Florida

Here at Nautical Ventures Marine Superstore, we pride ourselves on our ability to connect boat owners with the best boat brands in the world. This includes Windy Boats, and we’re delighted to report that the marvels of Scandinavian engineering are just as impressive on the Florida Coast as they are in the Skagerrak. To learn more about Windy and explore their line in greater detail, connect with us online, by phone, or in person.

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