Gifts for the New Boat Owner

Published May 17th, 2021 by Bernardo

What You’ll Learn

As you read this article about gifts for the new boat owner, you’ll learn:

  • Choosing a thoughtful boat warming gift for your friend can help ensure you’ll be one of the first passengers invited for a ride.
  • Boating is a big hobby, so there are all kinds of accessories you can choose from for the boat owner in your life.
  • Find out where to shop for boat accessories in South Florida.

Best Boat Warming Gifts

Buying a boat is a big occasion and one that should definitely be celebrated! When your friend or family member finally brings home the vessel they’ve been dreaming of for so long; they’re likely to be overcome with happiness and a sense of pride. One of the only things that can make a moment like this better is sharing it with your loved ones, so they’ll certainly be excited to tell you all about their new toy (and probably show you way more pictures than you really care to see).

Beyond looking at all of those countless videos, you can play a part in the big moment by getting a gift for the new boat owner. Buying a new boat will probably make your new friend want all of the bells and whistles to go with their new purchase, but they may not be interested in spending more money than they already have. That’s where it really helps to have friends who can help supply some of the additional toys. As an added bonus, buying a gift for your friend will almost guarantee that you get invited to hang out on the new boat as soon as possible!

Towels and Apparel

If someone is so into boating that they’re buying their own vessel, they probably already have a lot of apparel that’s appropriate for a day at sea. Still, a new boat might call for a clean pair of boat shoes, or at least a fresh hat for the new captain. Hats are popular gifts because there are so many different options:

  • Choose a bucket hat for someone who spends hours in the sun looking for the next big catch.
  • Classic caps are nice for anyone who just wants to shield their eyes and keep their hair from blowing too much.
  • You can even go with a novelty captain’s hat as a sort of gag gift that will make your friend chuckle. They’ll get a kick out of taking photos while they wear it on their new boat.

If you decide to get someone apparel, make sure it’s something that’s their style and will be functional on the boat. Look into gear that can stand up to the elements and get wet without becoming damaged. Boat owners do go through a lot of towels, so look for something that offers great quality and will be durable. You may even want to get customized towels with your friend’s name or the name of their boat!

The GoCycle

Once your friend or a family member has their own boat, they’ll start to realize all of the possibilities as far as where they can go and what they can do. That’s where the GoCycle comes into play! It folds up small so it doesn’t take up too much space on board, and it’s easy to set this bicycle up after landing somewhere new along the Florida Coast. It even has a small electric motor so your friend can go further and do more as they’re exploring new locations in their boat.

Fishing Gear

If your friend or family member is into fishing, then you’ll never run out of new gadgets to buy them. Get a new rod, an upgraded reel, or a creative new type of lure. You can even hook them up with the latest and greatest fishing technology that will help them find out where the catch of their dreams has been hiding.

For something more classic, get them a knife that will help them clean their catches. This way, they might invite you over for a fresh seafood dinner so they can show off what they’re capable of with your gift! You can even find systems with multiple interchangeable blades that make it easy to carry out different types of tasks and clean different types of fish.

If you know what type of boat they have, you can choose a tackle box that will fit well into the boat’s existing storage systems. Otherwise, look into tackle boxes that are easy to take with you on the go. Most fishing enthusiasts love gear, so they need a way to keep everything organized.

Safety Devices

This option might not seem as fun or exciting as something like an electric bicycle or a new fishing pole, but it’s necessary for every boat owner. The most important thing about boating is to stay safe on the water, and the best personal safety devices can go a long way toward eliminating some of the dangers of boating.

One example of a company that makes innovative floatation devices is ThrowRafts. They make the only inflatable throwable device Type IV Personal Flotation Device on the market that has been approved by the U.S. Coast Guard. These devices inflate automatically when they’re submerged underwater, which means they get ready as soon as they’re needed.

Floating Platforms

We’ve covered flotation devices that keep people safe, but what about the types of floats that are for fun? AquaBanas are luxurious floating platforms that give people of all ages a pleasant way to relax on the water. They’re easy to handle, easy to set up, and easy to store. If the new boat owner in your life is looking to enjoy some lazy days on the water, they’ll absolutely love this gift.

FreeStyle Water Toys

These water toys are intended to be paired with larger vessels, which makes them perfect for the people who are the hardest to shop for. After all, once one of your friends buys themselves a yacht, you might feel like they already have it all. The good news is that you can still make their day by getting them one of these awesome FreeStyle kits. They offer slides, trampolines, rock walls, and much more.

Books on Boating

First-time boat owners have a lot to learn. Luckily, boating experts love to share their knowledge, so you can find plenty of good reads for your favorite captain. Chapman’s Piloting & Seamanship is like something of a bible for members of the boating community because it contains just about everything you could ever want to know. There are other books out there, but this is a great one!

Boat Care Bucket

Many boat owners treat their vessels with extreme care, and just like many car enthusiasts, they want to take cleanliness into their own hands. Starbrite Solutions offers a great boat care pack, which includes a Reggae Wash Mitt, Vinyl Brite, Boat Wash In A Bottle, Premium Marine Polish, Instant Hull Cleaner, Non-Skid Deck Cleaner, and an unbreakable wash bucket which also perfectly stores all the other products. This will be a great gift for first-time and seasoned boat owners alike.

Buy Boating Accessories in South Florida

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