Got Paddle Board? Got Kayak? Rack ‘em up!!

Published April 1st, 2016 by Bernardo

Paddleboards and Kayaks are a serious investment. As such, you should look for ways to best protect that investment. The proper roof racks will not only provide a safe and secure means to get your paddle board or kayak to your destination, it will add to the enjoyment to your sport by making transporting your gear easier.

But what is the right rack for you? There are many types of roof racks to choose from at a variety of prices. At the risk of using clichés, in the roof rack market “you get what you pay for” and “cheap is expensive.”

Before going further, answer this question, “Does your vehicle already have roof rack bars?” If yes, you are halfway home. Pre-installed bars eliminate the step of having to secure your paddleboard rack to your car; instead, you secure the rack to the rack bars, which provides a very stable frame for paddleboard transport. It could be as easy as using rack pads and tie down straps, or adding modular components to your existing system. If your vehicle does not have rack bars, we recommend using a professional system designed for your specific vehicle, such as those designed by Thule. These systems offer a variety of options to accommodate single or multiple boards, padding, clamps, cradles and locks.

At Nautical Ventures we’re experts in helping you choose the right roof rack system for your vehicle and needs. We have the racks in-stock and can hook-you-up while you wait. Stop by either of our two locations for a free consultation.

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