How to Impress the Ladies - The Boats

Published June 7th, 2021 by Bernardo

What You’ll Learn

As you read this discussion of different boats you can buy to impress the ladies, you’ll learn:

  • There are many different types of boats, which gives you plenty of options.
  • It’s important to choose a boat that’s a good fit for your personality and lifestyle.
  • Work with a boating expert to hone in on what you’re trying to achieve, and they’ll be able to help you select a vessel that fits your requirements and budget.

Which Type of Boat Should I Buy?

Let’s face it, guys, many men who buy boats are doing so (at least in part) because they want to impress the ladies. There’s no shame in it. After all, winning the approval of the fairer sex has been arguably the single largest motivating factor throughout all of history. With that said, this handy guide will help you determine which type of boat you should buy to get the right kind of attention.

Which Type of Guy Are You?

The first thing to understand is that buying a boat isn’t going to make up for a complete lack of personality. If you’re looking to reinvent yourself entirely, it’s going to take more than a shiny new toy for the water. Sure, a boat will help some, but you still need to know what to do with all of the attention you attract in your new boat. Once you have reasonable expectations for how much weight the boat can pull (hypothetically speaking), move on to think about the type of woman you’d like to invite for some fun on the water.

Which Type of Ladies Do You Want to Attract?

You’ve already decided if you’re a partier, fisherman, cruiser, or just an all-around family boat type of guy. Now, just find the right partner to share that with! Your boat is the perfect vehicle for showcasing your personality, and like-minded individuals will naturally gravitate toward that. Just get a boat that’s suited for the types of activities you enjoy the most, and you’ll start to stand out to ladies who enjoy those same things.

What Types of Boats Are There?

When you start to look into any good new boat inventory in South Florida, there are many ways to slice it up. You can start by looking into the different makes, deciding which manufacturer you identify with most and which brand has a reputation that’s most in line with what you’re looking for in your vessel. Alternatively, you can sort by length to find something that’s the perfect size to impress the special lady in your life. Set a price range to stick within your budget, or filter the inventory in other ways as you deem fit.

Once you do all of that, you’re probably best off thinking about how you plan to use your boat. Many of the boats you can find at a place like Nautical Ventures Marine Superstore are up to multiple different tasks, but some vessels are purpose-built for one thing or another. To help yourself get started, consider the following categories.

Cruising Boats

Some guys are naturally smooth, while others among us struggle to be romantic. When you want to treat your date to a classy evening, look no further than a good cruising boat for a sunset outing or dinner and drinks at sea. If this sounds like exactly what you had in mind, consider something from Starcraft. They’re not as swanky and luxurious as some of the other options on this list, but they’re built for comfortable cruising above all else. Starcraft is known for making pontoon boats and deck boats that offer smooth rides and plenty of space to relax.

Best Boats for Family Boating

If you’re looking for something serious, buy a boat that shows you’re thinking about the future. Many of the boats we sell are suited for family fun, and Crownline is an excellent place to start your search. Crownline boats are ideal for the entire family because they’re so versatile and flexible. There’s also a focus on luxury, beauty, and quality so that you won’t feel bored. These boats are comfortable enough for dinner cruises and fast enough for watersports, making them the complete package.

Best Boats for Partying

If the idea of a family boat is still horrifying to you, maybe you’re still in the party stage of your life. For that, we recommend something that will bring some sophistication to your next soiree. Consider options from Beneteau Antares (also known as Beneteau America), which offer delightful combinations of power and comfort. You can start your journey by opening her up and letting the engine purr, then party all night long until you’re ready to retire to your sleeping cabin. In the morning, use your onboard kitchen to prepare a revitalizing breakfast.

Fishing Boats

If your perfect catch is a gal who loves fishing as much as you do, help yourself lure her in with a state-of-the-art fishing boat. We’ve found that you can cast a line from pretty much any type of vessel, but some boats are really made for it. Sailfish boats are some of the best examples of new fishing boats designed to serve one purpose above all others. There are plenty of places to set up your lines, store all of your gear, and keep your catches fresh until you get back to shore.

For more fishing boats, check out brands like Bluewater Sportfishing. Even the name of the boat tells you exactly what it’s for. There is plenty of fish in the sea, but a true fishing enthusiast knows that it’s all about finding the right one. This boat should help with that.

Best Boats for Watersports

Some people believe a boat should be thrilling above all else. If that sounds like your mentality, look for a boat that’s every bit as adventurous as you are. Chase your adrenaline high with a boat that can satisfy your need for speed and help you enjoy all of your favorite watersports even more. Axopar boats were definitely built with adventures in mind, and they’re making waves within the boating community by turning out some of the most thrilling new vessels on the market.

Luxurious Yachts

If you really want to impress someone, which of these offers do you think is better?

  • “Would you like to go out on my boat sometime?”
  • “Would you like to go out on my yacht sometime?”

You may want to finetune your invitation and add a bit more subtlety, but you get the idea. Pull out all the stops by inviting your date on a whirlwind weekend aboard your beautiful, comfortable, customized yacht. There are a few big names in the luxury yacht industry, but few have a reputation quite like De Antonio Yachts.

Boats for Sale in South Florida

If we could give one piece of advice to someone who’s about to buy a boat, it would be not to make your decision based on a list you found online. Instead, go to Nautical Ventures Marine Supercenter in South Florida to examine all your options in person! Select one of our several locations to better serve your boating needs.

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