How to select a pre-owned boat

Published April 29th, 2021 by Bernardo

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic saw many boat builders temporarily halt manufacturing for a number of reasons. Many areas were forced to “shelter in place” causing builders to limit employee presence. Builders also experienced a shortage of building materials causing a backup in production. Across the country, Americans found themselves forced to slow down, cancelling travel plans and family reunions, and instead choosing to social distance on the water. The combination of these two circumstances had many new boaters searching for used boats for sale in Florida. Now, purchasing a brokerage vessel is more popular than ever, but some boaters are still concerned that purchasing pre-owned is the wrong decision. Let’s check out some ways you can be certain you are purchasing a used boat that is a quality vessel and will provide you with years of fun on the water with family and friends.

Determine your use

What do you intend to use this boat for? Are you tournament fishing, lake fishing, diving, participating in watersports, or just family cruising? Once you decide how you are going to spend your time on this boat, you can start looking into different types of boats. An offshore fisherman will want to look into center consoles, while a freshwater fisherman will enjoy different fishing boat types such as a center console, deck boat, or aluminum boat. Many manufacturers offer wake boats, ideal for towing tubes or skiers. Pontoon boats offer a fantastic family fun platform, typically with plenty of seating and a large deck space.

Become familiar with builders

Once you decide upon the type of vessel you will be purchasing, you will need to learn about builders. Do your research and join threads on boat owner forums to learn about how different boats age. This will allow you to anticipate any problems you may come across in the future and avoid boat builders with poor reputations. Also look into any warranty that may be available on the vessel you are interested in. Some builders offer ten-year or lifetime hull warranties, for example, and those warranties may still be active when you purchase your boat. Most engine companies offer three-year and five-year extended warranties, which will also still be active if you purchase a vessel before the expiry date.

Learn about the history

Just like purchasing a car, you will want to know about the boat’s history. A good boat owner will maintain a record of all services and work. Look to purchase a boat with a history of regular oil changes and annual maintenance records. Ideally, the engine will have low hours, indicating a longer engine life ahead.

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