Tips for Picking a Trailer Kayak Rack

Published February 7th, 2017 by Bernardo

Having a kayak trailer, as opposed to a roof rack, can make loading your kayak really easy. First off, the trailer is lower to the ground so you don’t have to lift your kayak high on the roof. There is also much less wind resistance which, in turn, provides better gas mileage for your car. It also frees your roof to hold a luggage rack to carry suitcases and other essential gear for excursions out of town. 


Towing a trailer requires a trailer hitch and many of today’s SUVs come with a towing package, but not the hitch or receiver. These are relatively easy and inexpensive items to buy in tandem with your trailer. 


Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Kayak Trailer

• How many kayaks you want to carry?

• How often you will be carrying a full load of kayaks?

• Do you have a trailer hitch and receiver?

• Will you be transporting other people with their gear?

• Can you load a kayak onto a tall vehicle alone?

• Do you also want to carry bikes and/or a cargo box?

• Will you be launching in salt water?


For most people who carry multiple yaks, gear and accessories, along with passengers, a kayak trailer is the right way to go. Once you answer the above questions, short of selecting a brand name, the rest falls into place.


Questions to Answer to Pick the Right Kayak Trailer for Your Car

1. Pick the trailer capacity to accommodate the number of trailers you’ll be carrying most often.

2. Match the hitch ball and receiver to the trailer and your specific vehicle.

3. Leave room in the vehicle for family & friends. Carry what you can in a trunk, truck bed, or turtle top. 

4. If you kayak solo or with one friend, and can lift your yak on the roof, then roof racks are probably sufficient.

5. If you want to also bring along bikes and excess gear, get a trailer that can accommodate that too.

6. If you’ll be launching in salt or brackish water, be sure your trailer is galvanized or aluminum. 


Get Your Kayak Trailer at Nautical Ventures

Nautical Ventures makes choosing and buying a kayak trailer easy. Just bring in your vehicle and they’ll do the rest. They’ll prompt you through a quick and painless process, they’ll get to know specifically what will work best for you and your vehicle, and they’ll help bring your kayak experience to a whole new level. 


When it comes to kayak trailer sales in Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale, Nautical Ventures has been serving the South Florida market for over 30 years. They’ve been helping kayakers in Palm Beach County, Martin County, Broward County and Dade County get on the water to enjoy trouble-free kayaking. They service everything they sell and they are factory trained to warranty everything they carry. Remember… you’re not just buying a kayak trailer- you’re buying the experience.

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