Mistral Adventure Stand Up Paddle Board – For the Adventurer in Us All

Published June 6th, 2017 by Bernardo

Founded in 1976, out of a passion for wind and water, Mistral turned windsurfing into an international sport. In 2008 with their knowledge and success with windsurfing boards, they expanded their product line to include stand up paddle boards. In the past 30 years, Mistral has sold over 850,000 boards worldwide.


The Mistral Adventure 115 inflatable paddle board is currently available at Nautical Ventures at the closeout price of $599, normally priced at $1199. This incredible deal includes the inflatable Adventure SUP, hi-pressure pump, removable fin, carry backpack and repair kit. Simply add a paddle of your choice and you’re ready to get on the water.


The Mistral Adventure 115 is a compact crossover board that will conquer any conditions from flat water on the lake to choppy water on the ocean. After your adventures on the water, simply deflate, roll up and store the deflated board inside the military-grade backpack.  The bag is small enough to throw in the trunk of your car or in an overhead compartment during air travel, making the Adventure SUP highly portable.


Mistral inflatable SUP boards are made using heavy duty PVC as well as UV protection to create a protective barrier around the drop stitch core. The drop stitch core is comprised of thousands of fine polyester threads that connect both the top and bottom layers, creating a stronger board that can withstand much higher pressures. Higher pressure makes for a more rigid floor therefore enhancing paddling performance. This construction creates a highly durable and extremely rock-hard rigid inflatable paddle board offering a ride similar to a regular hard board.

Inflated Specifications:

•    Length 11’5“

•    Width 31.5“

•    Thickness 6“

•    Volume 285 L

•    Weight 32.2 LBS

•    US box fin system: 7.8“


Deflated in Bag Specifications

•    Length 33”

•    Width 18”

•    Thickness 11”


When it comes to SUP sales Fort Lauderdale, Nautical Ventures has been serving the South Florida market for over 30 years. They’ve been helping stand up paddle boarders in Palm Beach County, Broward County, and Dade County get on the water to enjoy trouble-free water sports. They service everything they sell and they are factory trained to warranty everything they carry. Remember… you’re not just buying a SUP- you’re buying the experience.


Written by: Erin Carr Erin@nauticalventures.com

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