ThrowRaft – Saving Lives One Throw at A Time

Published May 24th, 2017 by Bernardo

Man overboard! Two words that can shake a captain to his core. When the worst happens, what do you do? Troy Faletra, Founder of ThrowRaft, has firsthand experience of what it’s like to be stranded nine miles offshore. He decided then and there to reinvent boating safety by creating innovative products that save lives.

ThrowRaft offers two lifesaving products for boats and watercraft, the TD2401 and the Survivor. The TD2401 is the only inflatable throwable device on the market that is approved by the United States Coast Guard. The Survivor is a raft that is to be used as back-up buoyancy when paired with a life jacket.

Both models are designed to be highly visible rafts incorporated with reflective tape which aides in search and rescue operations. The rafts can easily be inflated by pulling the hand toggle and will auto inflate when submerged underwater, for those who are unable to pull the toggle.

We all know that space is limited on boats and traditional safety equipment can take up a significant amount of space. ThrowRaft solves that problem by being extremely compact. The TD2401 is nine times smaller than a recreational ring buoy and five times smaller than your typical square cushion. The Survivor is equally space saving and can fit in a backpack or ditch bag. With more room on board, boaters can stow more ThrowRafts, which can lead to more lives saved.

When you’re out on your boat always make safety a priority. The time to think about emergency equipment is not when you need it. Nautical Ventures has a broad line up of safety gear including the Throw Raft and has been helping the South Florida community boat safe for many years. They’ve been helping boaters in Palm Beach County, Broward County and Dade County get on the water to enjoy trouble-free boating for over 30 years.



Written by: Erin Carr [email protected]

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