Different Types of Boats: Which is Right for You?

Published July 22nd, 2019 by Bernardo

Finding the right kind of boat for your family is an important task. With the many different types available at Nautical Ventures, it can be overwhelming trying to narrow down your search. From elaborate cruisers to environment-conscious electric boats, there is a boat designed to accommodate all kinds of favorite water activities.

The Benefits of Different Types of Boats

Learn more about the benefits of different types of boats to see which type best suits your lifestyle and your boating plans.


Sailboats differ from the rest of the boats on this list because of their simplicity and the need for specific steering knowledge. As an engine does not power sailboats, you will need to understand how to take care of both sails and a mast. Your course will be guided by the wind rather than a steering wheel, though many sailboats now offer pedals as a precaution in case the wind dies down. The lightweight hulls on performance sailboats allow you to reach thrilling high speeds. These are an excellent choice for the adventurous type.

At Nautical Ventures, we carry a wide selection of Hobie sailboats for people to see. Our experts can walk you through all the unique features of sailboats.

Cruise Boat, also known as a Cruiser or Cabin Boat

This type of boat that includes a cabin or other sleeping quarters, a wide range of movement, and a galley. They are typically 30 feet or larger and can travel at fast speeds. Convertible cruisers have an open flying bridge, with the cabin located below. This design allows for boating in all kinds of weather. Aft cabin boats have roomy, full cabins perfect for those who want comfort. Axopar boats include several cruisers that provide comfortable quarters and large fuel tanks that let you travel long distances without having to refuel.

The latest models of this boat type, are now being powered by hi-horsepower outboard motors from Mercury and Yamaha, usually in twin or triple engine configurations. This is a radical new engineering development and consumers are buying in to it big time. Our Axopar Cabin models mentioned above, are an example of this.

Deck Boats

Deck boats prioritize open deck space, allowing passengers to take in the sun and fresh air. However, they are also designed for fast performance and fishing. They have V-shaped hulls that glide efficiently through the water, and the shape also lets you make sharper turns. Deck boats offer a stable and sleek ride with minimal bow rise. Glastron boats provide plenty of options for this type of boat at all price points.

Electric Boats

An electric boat is perfect for boaters looking for an environmentally friendly option. These boats are powered by batteries instead of using diesel engines. These boats can have all the style and features associated with typical boats, with options that can fit several passengers and some that can go up to 41 miles per hour. Electric boats have sturdy fiberglass hulls that can withstand the elements just like other boats, for safe and fun trips out in the water. Depending on the model and the battery option you choose, the charge can last for up to 16 hours. Since these boats are battery powered, you can expect to save money that would otherwise be spent on fuel. Many electric boats for sale are perfect for casual, relaxing rides that emphasize a gorgeous view.

Pontoon Boat

This boat is ideal for those who want a relaxed boating experience to share with friends and family. Pontoon boats are defined by their lack of a fiberglass hull and the logs that support the boat’s weight and keep them afloat. These logs are usually made of aluminum and create a buoyancy that allows for a large amount of deck space pontoons are known for. There are options designed for luxury, fishing, or simple family-friendly fun. Pontoons are best suited to pleasant weather, as most have ample deck space that is perfect for parties and group events.

Get the Right Boat for You at Nautical Ventures

Whatever your lifestyle, there is a boat that can help you enhance your enjoyment of open water.
Explore the new and used options at Nautical Ventures, or contact us for more information today! Reach the Palm Beach and Riviera Beach locations at 561-612-7076 or the Broward location at 954-926-5250.

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