Where Do Boaters Go To Buy Boats In Fort Lauderdale?

Published September 12th, 2016 by Bernardo

Back in the day buying a boat was easy. If you fished, you bought a fish boat. If you skied, you bought a ski boat. For pleasure cruising, a cruiser and so on. These days, builders have combined many features into many varying designs, new technologies have blurred the lines between dedicated specialty boats, and many brands offer hybrids that appeal to boaters looking to broaden their boating horizons and that of their family. 

This is where Nautical Venture’s Fort Lauderdale boat dealership store can make a difference, in particular one that carries a variety of brands, makes and models so as to provide a side-by-side comparison. Nautical Ventures is located in the heart of Broward County. They serve the South Florida marketplace from Miami, Hollywood, Dania, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano, and Deerfield including all the municipalities that dot western Broward. Like Coral Springs, Sunrise, and Weston, to name a few. 

What make Nautical Ventures unique is not only the breath of brands carried, but also the way their boats are presented. First things first. Across the spectrum, Nautical Ventures in Broward County carries 20 brands of new boats. That is more brands than the majority of boat dealers in the US carry, let alone the state of Florida. The brands are: Argo Nautic tenders, Axopar boats, Avalon Pontoons, Buddy Davis boats, , Capelli tenders, Carbon Craft tenders, Chapman Rib's, Delta Powerboats, F-Rib foldable tenders, Glasstream Powerboats, Highfield tenders, Impetus boats, Novurania tender, Rand Electric Boats, RibCraft tenders, RibJet tenders, SACS tenders, the Wave, and more.

These brands are then divided into several categories. Fishing Boats, Pleasure Boats, Pontoons, Tenders, Rigid Inflatable Bottoms, and Custom Boats. Interestingly enough, consumers are crossing over into categories once reserved for special purposes. For example, yacht tenders have transformed into day boats suitable for boating activities once reserved for fiberglass models. Pontoon Boats have transformed into saltwater planning vessels capable of pulling skiers, serving as dive platforms, and elegantly appointed to impress at the best-dressed waterfront bistros. Surveys show that dedicated fishboats are used only 25% of the time for fishing and 75% of the time for other activities, and the same holds true for cruisers.

Nautical Ventures in Fort Lauderdale understands this shift in changing attitudes and has set up shop to accommodate the new discerning boater. Their Broward County boat store has a dedicated department just for their tender models. They’ve hired and trained product specialists who know the ins and outs of their brands better than the manufacturers. They have a 30,000 Sq. Ft. dealership on the water. They will put any make & model in the water to accommodate sea trials. The chance to try-it-before-you-buy-it is a big consideration every new boat buyer should insist upon.

When it comes to boat sales Fort Lauderdale, Nautical Ventures has been serving the South Florida market for over 30 years. They’ve been helping boaters in Palm Beach County, Broward County and Dade County get on the water to enjoy trouble-free boating. They service everything they sell and they are factory trained to warranty everything they carry. Remember… you’re not just buying a boat- you’re buying the experience. 

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